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Average Social Worker Salary

The life of a social worker is said to be gratifying because they help improve other people’s lives. There are various kinds of social workers: some specialize in child, family and school issues while others are called medical and public health social workers. The former are those that provide assistance to families and children to help improve their social and psychological functioning. The latter concentrates on the psychosocial being of the people who are suffering from any chronic or terminal disease. There are also social workers that work on treating people who have mental or substance abuse issues. Due to the different areas of specializations, these workers have varying social worker salary as well. As of year May 2008, the mean annual child, family and school social worker salary is $39,530. The bottom-most division has a yearly pay check of $25,870 and the upper-most division gets $66,430. The type of industry that these laborers work in causes a discrepancy in their annual pay too. Those who are assigned in elementary and secondary schools take home an average of $53,860 in a year while the ones hired in the local government make $46,650. Individuals working for the state government earn $39,600 per annum while those employed in individual and family services receive $34,450. The median annual income of a mental health and substance abuse social worker is $37,210 with the bottom-most division making $21,770 and the upper-most division gets $61,430 every year. An outpatient care center social worker salary is $36,660 on average while someone assigned in the residential mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse facilities is paid $33,950 annually. According to the BLS salary survey report, 24 percent of the social workers in the country are members of a union and are tied up to a union agreement.

A medical social worker is someone who assists patients who are experiencing personal and environmental misfortunes. They also help these individuals get maximum health care benefits when needed. Similar to other positions in this industry, a medical social worker salary is affected by common income variables. The mean wage of a medical social worker is $53,000 per annum. Those who are assigned in home care facilities have a yearly pay check of $49,000 while the ones hired in nursing home units get $42,000 on average. To become a licensed social worker, you must obtain a master’s degree in this field. But before you can enroll in an MSW course, you must first complete a bachelor’s degree in any social science program. Based on the information provided by the BLS, the average annual licensed social worker salary is $62,000 a year. A licensed master social worker salary is $72,000 per annum while that of a psychiatric social worker is $56,000. Being a licensed social worker has many advantages. For one, you can work in your own private office or you can get a position in psychiatric hospitals as a therapist. Either way, your salary will surely improve than working as a social worker without any advancement.

The medial social worker salary of medical and public health laborers is $46,650 in a year. The bottom-most division takes home $28,100 in a year while the upper-most division receives $69,090. Wage earners who are working in general medical and surgical hospitals have a mean annual income of $51,470 while those employed in home health care services get $46,930. The average yearly pay of individuals assigned in the local government is $44,140 while that of those in nursing care facilities is $41,080. Social workers who are hired in individual and family services units earn $38,370 per annum. The median annual wage of mental health and substance abuse social workers is $37,210.

Clinical social workers are responsible for direct patient care in outreach activities and services. Some do this by providing individual therapies while others do it in groups, depending on the social needs of the patient. The clinical social worker salary is modified by the work experience, employer type, geographic locality and educational attainment of an individual. The medial annual wage for this job is around $49,991 as of April 2009. Wage earners with less than one year in the industry have a yearly pay check of $29,812 to $40,874. Those who have 20 years of work experience get an average of $46,072 to $68,454 in a year. Self-employed clinical social workers have a medial annual wage of $76,366 while those hired by the federal government make $54,877. Acquiring a master’s degree in this field will improve your annual pay to $41,648 to $64,861 annually. If you have a bachelor’s degree in social work, then your salary range is $30,201 to $44,900 every year. These professionals are privileged to enjoy company benefits as well. The annual bonus for this career ranges from $500 to $1,039, depending on the worker’s experience. Their vacation weeks are determined by the number of years that they have rendered in the industry. Some are granted 1.7 weeks of paid vacation while others get as much as 2.7 weeks. Compare other vocational salaries by state and determine if a career as a social worker is right for you.

A forensic social worker’s main task is to incorporate social work with the country’s legal system. They deal with civil and criminal issues and protect the rights of the defendants. The average forensic social worker salary in the United States is $39,000 as of the year 2010. In order to be part of this industry, you must obtain the required education and training. Employers usually mandate their workers to have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in social work. It’s quite easy to get the education requirements in this field as most colleges and universities provide part time or full time learning schedules. Since the competition in this industry is beginning to get real tight nowadays, you would want to add up extra qualifications in your employment profile. You can do this by pursuing advance studies and social work training. The University of Michigan aims to develop its students’ work skills to help them land a job in either local or international level. Its training program is consisted of 60 credits that focus on social policy, community organization, interpersonal practice and a lot more. Its current location is at 1080 South University Avenue in Ann Arbor with the contact number of 734-764-3309.

Police Officer Annual Income

The general idea of a police officer’s job is to maintain peace and order in the communities that they are assigned to. It is their utmost priority to prevent crimes and improve the safety level for all the residents living in the area. The average police officer salary range in the country is $35,600 to $59,880 every year. The bottom-most quartile of these workers has a mean annual income of $27,310 while the upper-most quartile receives $72,450. Of course, police detective supervisors have a different pay rate than that of police officers and sheriff patrol officers. The middle 50 percent of these workers have a salary range of $53,900 to $83,940 in a year with the bottom-most quartile earning $41,260 and the upper-most quartile gets $104,410 on average. Similar to other job positions in the United States, the annual police officer salary is influenced by a number of things. The list includes geographic placement, work experience, type of industry and level of education.

Police officers around the country and around the world do have different yearly stipends. Employers in rural areas pay differently compared to metropolitan areas. Cities with high crime rates and cost of living like Los Angeles pay their police officers a bigger rate than cities that are characterized as otherwise. Los Angeles has a mean annual pay rate of $71,976 for its officers. A more peaceful town like Detroit has a pay rate of $44,898 per annum. To illustrate further, here are some of the biggest states in the country and their matching average wages. The police officer salary in California is $49,000 a year while in Georgia it is $48,000 on average. Those who are assigned in Florida have a yearly pay check of $44,000 while the ones in West Virginia receive $47,000. Workers who are employed in New York City, NY are paid $57,000 while those located in Mississippi earn an average of $56,000 per annum. Police officers living in Chicago, IL have a yearly pay check of $48,000 while those in New Mexico are paid $40,000.

The work experience of an individual is one other variable that makes a difference in the police officer salary. The longer he or she stays in this industry, the higher his or her yearly income will get. That’s because with more years of service rendered in this field, an officer gains more knowledge and develop better skills to perform his or her job. As of year 2009, the mean annual income of laborers with 1 to 4 years of work experience is $39,133. Those who have 5 to 9 years behind them receive an average of $47,590 per annum while the ones with 10 to 19 years earn $54,085. Chief or senior police officers with 20 years or more of rendered service are given $64,207 every year. Interested parties do not have to be college degree holders to work as a police officer. But you do need to acquire a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. You would also need to pass a certain written exam before you can land an entry level position. Individuals who choose to complete a higher level of police officer training are paid higher salaries. A high school graduate police officer has an entry level income of $33,993 a year while an associate’s degree police officer receives around $46,511. Police salary range is Similar to the average firefighter salary.

A military police officer is someone who performs higher responsibilities than a plain police officer. It is still his or her duty to arrest law offenders but it doesn’t end there. In fact, there are several areas of specialization if you want to become a military police officer. There are different kinds training that are designated for each specialization: gate guard, patrol, k-9 handler, antiterrorism and dispatch. Gate guards are the ones who maintain the security of the country’s military installations by asking for a valid ID from visitors. Patrol officers are in-charge of patrolling government establishments and properties. They can do this by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, etc. They are also the ones who watch over the motorists and ensure that traffic regulations are strictly followed. A k-9 handler is someone who works with a military-trained dog. They usually specialize in bomb and drug detection as well as vicinity and vehicular checks. The handlers and their dogs always work together as a team. Antiterrorism police officers are specially-trained individuals that focus on terrorism issues. They come up with plans and strategies on how to prevent terrorism attacks and the like. Those who are assigned in dispatch take care of the 9-1-1 calls that come in the system.

A military police officer training is consisted of a minimum of 156 weeks. The Royal Military College offers an intensive coursework in this field. Its training program is divided into second class and first class. The students will be given a clear idea of the command and leadership skills needed in this job. They will also receive instructions on battle tactics, administration, military history, emt training is also a recommended course that officers should learn. Once they have absorbed all of the information that they need, they will be trained to put these things into action. Upon graduation, these individuals will be assigned in a military branch called Corps to put into professional practice the things that they have learned during training. The police officer job description is not far from the things that military police officers do. The difference is that military police officers undergo special training to participate in a particular segment of the law enforcement team. But when you look at it in general, they both have the same goal which is to protect the citizens of the country. They are here to safeguard the innocent from threats of anti-social elements. Valor, integrity, compassion, honesty and strength are just some of the things that make up a police officer job description.

Expected Yearly Firefighter Salary

Firefighters are expected to be physically fit and emotionally stable to perform their daily duties well. They help protect mankind by extinguishing and preventing fires. The mean annual income for this job is determined by several factors. The geographic location of an individual can cause a disparity in the firefighter salary. For example, the entry level income in New York is $39,370 in a year. This amount does not include overtime, holiday pay and other differentials. If these things are added to the base pay, the estimate total of a firefighter’s salary is $43,074 per annum. Work experience is also a big factor in one’s yearly income as a firefighter. Those who have 1 year of work experience in New York are paid $49,470 on average while the ones with 2 years behind them earn $53,881. Laborers for 3 years have a mean annual wage of $59,629 while those with 4 years of experience can see as much as $65,331. (The above mentioned figures include an overall average for all firefighter positions)

Another great thing about this career is that it offers various areas of improvement. A worker’s performance will regularly be assessed by his or her supervisor and other authorized personnel. If he or she meets the requirements for promotion, then that’s another notch up his or her annual pay. For example, someone who gets promoted to lieutenant has a yearly pay check of $55,848 while a captain earns $65,163. A battalion chief, on the other hand, has a medial annual pay of $75,281. These rates are all based on the New York wage chart for firefighters. Other states do have varying pay rates than the ones stated above. (The following figures are Averaging in all Firefighter salary rates for the State Mentioned) The average firefighter salary in California is $62,000 per annum while workers in Alaska make $47,000. Arizona laborers have a yearly pay check of $50,000 while those residing in Utah receive $53,000. Firefighters in Alabama have a mean annual wage of $61,000 while the ones living in South Carolina earn $51,000. The average firefighter salary in Virginia is $58,000 while in Maine it is $55,000 in a year. Colorado workers make a mean income of $51,000 in a year while those who are located in North Dakota receive $55,000.

There are many different areas of specialization in this field. A forest firefighter is someone puts a stop to forest fires. He or she is trained to work with an ax, chainsaw, water pumps and any other equipment that can beat down forest fires. It is also this person’s responsibility to monitor the area to prevent the possibility or restarting a fire. The entry level forest firefighter salary in the United States is around $20,083 to $26,112 in a year. The overtime rate for these professionals is at $15.69 to $20.40 per hour. The average working hours of a forest firefighter is 40 hours in a week. Once they go over that, they will be paid the due overtime pay. Majority of the fire companies grant their employees a hazard pay as well. This is usually 25 percent more than the base income of a laborer. Based on the records of the United States Department of Agriculture, firefighters are expected to work for 600 hours or more during fire season. You will never get bored in this job as there are various areas of advancements that you can venture into. For example, you can train to work as a smoke jumper or become a member of an elite Hot Shot Crew. To land a position with these job titles will surely improve your basic annual pay as a firefighter. However, you will need to complete a special training first.

Wildfire firefighters are those who work hard to suppress fires at the outdoors. They are trained to perform the duties of an engine operator and maintain the necessary equipment in good working condition. The mean wildfire firefighter salary in the country is currently at $35,000 a year. However, this amount may either increase or decrease depending on the worker’s location, experience, employer and educational attainment. The company benefits that he or she receives will also vary on his or her employer. For one, working for a company-owned establishment will merit you a good retirement system. All government workers are privileged to have a health benefit plan and the great thing about it is that it continues even after you retire. The vacation days enjoyed by wildfire firefighters are subjected to the number of their employment years. A firefighter paramedic, on the other hand, is the one in-charge of the first-aid needs of these professionals. They function as firefighters and at the same time paramedics in their time of duty. As of May 2009, the average firefighter paramedic salary in the United States is $47,270 per annum. But due to common variables, the firefighter pay scale ranges from $22,990 to $74,390.

Due to the demands of their strenuous work, firefighter paramedics are paid higher if they have a certificate from an accrediting firm. They also earn the right to demand higher pay if they are certified. Their employer has a major role to play in their annual base income. Those who work in government-owned establishments make an average of $47,860 in a year while the ones who are hired by the federal executive branch are paid $48,150. Individuals who have passed two of the three levels of the EMT certification have a mean salary of $42,000 in a year. Not everyone is fit to become a firefighter. You will undergo intensive training that includes numerous drills and simulations. These are all designed to turn firefighter-worthy students into dependable professionals that will combat fire and protect the civilians. Majority of the firefighting vocational training sessions are done inside the classroom. A formal coursework for this field is consisted of lectures and presentations as well as physical activities. Some of the subjects that are included here are live fire training, wild-land firefighting, department protocols and a lot more. The standard requirements needed for someone to apply as a firefighter are as follows: you must be 18 years of age, have a clean criminal record, a high school diploma and a perfect 20/20 vision. If you do meet these requirements, then you may enroll in any school that provides formal firefighting training. The Greater St. Louis County Fire Academy is one of the most popular non-profit institutions in this industry. This is currently located in Missouri and offers three new recruit firefighter classes per year.

Court Reporter Yearly Salary

A court reporter’s main responsibility is to conserve all written records of the litigations that took place in legal sessions such as hearing, trials and many more. They perform their daily duties with the help of specialized equipment called the stenotype. This is the reason why they are often referred to as a stenographer. The median annual court reporter salary is $45,610 as of year 2010. The lowest 10th percentile of the workers in the country earns an average of $23,430 in a year while the highest 90th percentile receives $77,770. The salary of a stenographer can be compared to quite nicely with other legal study careers such as the salary of a paralegal. The annual income of a law reporter is actually quite high, considering that he or she does not need to be a degree holder. The entry level income for this job position is around $12.22 per hour. Those who have rendered 20 years or more of service in the industry have an hourly rate of $42.91 which means that stenographers can earn as much as $89,240 in a year.

The geographic location of a short hand reporter is one of the things that can cause a disparity in his or her yearly pay. According to the salary survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top-paying states in the country are Oregon ad New York. Employers in OR are said to have an hourly rate of $48.36 for their stenotype operator while NY is at $38.90. This means that the annual court reporter salaries in these areas are $100,590 and $80,920, respectively. The District of Colorado came in third in the survey. Stenographers residing in this place earn an average of $37.64 per hour or $78,300 per year. The average yearly pay of a law reporter in Mississippi is $69,000 while in Georgia it is $54,000. Those who are located in Florida have a yearly income of $54,000 while the ones in Alabama make $50,000 on average. Wage earners living in Utah have a medial annual wage of $51,000 while the ones situated in Virginia receive $58,000.

The top-paying cities in the country include New York, White Plains, Denver, Nassau, Suffolk and Bellevue among others. New York short hand reporters earn a mean income of $39.58 per hour while in Denver these professionals receive $39.42. Those who are employed in Nassau and Suffolk have a mean annual wage of $73,050 while the ones in Bellevue receive $72,340. The metropolitan division of Washington like the Everett and Seattle areas has the same pay rate as that of Bellevue. It was reported way back in the year 2006 that there are 19,000 individuals in the U.S. who work as court reporters. Back then, the employment rate is expected to increase by 25 percent in the next 10 years. Judging from the job opportunities posted for these professionals, the prediction is true. One of the reasons behind this immensely large growth in the demand is the increasing number of lawsuits filed annually.

In order to work as a stenotype operator, you have to take the time to learn the basic skills needed. The typical court reporter training usually lasts for around two to four years. Although these laborers are not required to be a degree holder of any course, they do need to have ample knowledge of the court proceedings and operations. It would be easier for them to keep a record of the important details if they are familiar with the system. Majority of those who are interested in this field take specialized certificate or diploma programs at any business school. Some even enroll in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree course to improve their average annual pay. In addition, they will have an edge over their competitors as they have undergone a more intensive learning about the industry. Nowadays, it has become easier to acquire the necessary court reporter training because of online courses and programs. There are many local colleges and universities that now provide distance learning in stenography. Students may either enroll in a basic court reporter course or train how to become a voice writer reporter.

Court reporter schools offer training programs that are consisted of classroom learning as well as on-the-job experience. This comprehensive program will prepare and teach the students how to handle real-time reporting. There are also court reporter schools that administer licensure procedures for existing short hand reporters. Similar to attending a continuing education, a license will boost up one’s court reporter salary. One of the most excellent court reporter schools in the country is the Penn Foster Career School. It offers an online class in legal transcriptionist that takes around 24 months to complete. The most convenient part of learning online is that a person can work at his or her own pace. It is guaranteed that this school offers a DETC accredited coursework in court reporting at a very pocket-friendly price. Aside from that, it has been dubbed as one of the top online court reporting school in America. For more information, the school can be reached at 1-800-275-4410 or visit them at 925 Oak Street in Scranton, PA.

Welder Salary Stats

In general, a welder’s job is to connect metal parts with the help of hand-welding or flame-cutting tools. He or she is also responsible in checking the metal segments for any defects by using straightedges and templates. A welder’s job demands its worker to be accurate and precise with details at all times. The median range of the income for this position is $35,000 to $70,000 a year or $15 to $30 an hour. Similar to other jobs in the field, the yearly stipend of a welder is modified by a number of things. First of all, the location of a worker makes a big discrepancy in his or her welder salary. As of 2008, the areas with the highest employment rate are Wyoming and Louisiana. The employees residing in these places have a medial annual income of $46,480. Those who are located in Alaska earn a mean salary of $55,200 in a year while the ones situated in Hawaii get $51,380. Welders who are hired in California have a yearly pay check of $39,000 while those working in Florida make $35,000.

Furthermore, wage earners residing in Kansas are paid $30,000 per annum while the ones in Alabama receive $38,000 on average. New York employees make a median pay of $42,000 a year while those living in New Mexico get $32,000. Pennsylvania welders earn a mean income of $32,000 per annum while those who are employed in Kentucky receive $34,000. The medial annual pay in Georgia for these laborers is around $38,000 while that of the workers in Maine is $35,000 on average. One other factor that can influence the welder salary in the U.S. is the work experience of a laborer. Based on the wage chart presented by the BLS, individuals who have one to four years behind them receive a yearly payment of $24,497 to $46,405. Those who have five to nine years of service in the industry make an average of $30,305 to $48,307 annually. Senior welders, on the other hand, have a median annual income range of $35,802 to $64,164. In this field, tenured workers earn more than their newly-graduated colleagues because they are more skilled and knowledgeable about their craft.

The type of employer that these laborers work for affects their yearly salary. Based on the results garnered on the salary survey last 2009, workers in publicly traded companies have a mean income of $31,099 in a year. Those who work for the federal government earn an average of $24,417 per annum with the upper quartile receiving $48,079. Self-employed welders, on the other hand, have a starting medial annual wage of $24,630. Although the entry-level salary of these workers is one of the lowest, they can earn as much as $90,300 annually if they stay longer in the field and gain more popularity. Different industries have varying pay rates too. Construction industries have a salary range of $40,695 to $73,698 while the military pays $29,748 to $47,170. A metal components fabrications establishment has an average pay rate of $28,696 to $46,874 while a steel and metal manufacturing company is at $28,966 to $57,931.

A pipe welder is someone who specializes on metal pipes. He or she uses heat to mold and connect these pipes together. The mean annual pipe welder salary is around $36,630, which means that they earn $17.61 per hour. The highest division of pipe welders has a yearly pay check of $52,420 while the lowest division gets $28,300. The middle 50 percent of the workers in the country earn $34,750 per annum. The common variables that affect the pipe welder salary include geographic location, industry and work experience. As recorded by the BLS, the medial income of these workers in Alaska is $61,550 per year while in Hawaii it is $52,210. These are the top two highest-paying states in the country as of 2009. Wage earners located in Columbia earn $51,900 annually while the ones in Wyoming receive $46,690 on average. The pipe welder salary in Washington, on the other hand, is $43,150 every year. As per industry, individuals who are employed in spectator sports establishments are the highest-paid pipe welders. They make around $61,830 every year. The lowest-paid are those hired in pipeline transportation of natural gas with the average yearly pay of $54,150.

Underwater welders are the professionals who fix ships, bridges, oil drilling platforms and all the welded structures found underwater. But before they work on any underwater project, they first take pictures of it and buy the necessary equipment. An underwater welder’s job is challenging and danger-prone at the same time. These are two of the reasons why the underwater welder salary is quite high. Of course, for someone to be a part of this industry he or she must undergo a special training first. Individuals who have more knowledge in this specialized field also earn the right to demand a higher pay. According to the recent salary survey, the entry level underwater welder salary is around $80,000 a year. But after a few years of working in this industry, a worker’s stipend can go up to $200,000 per annum. Experienced underwater welders no longer work for an entire year. With the fat pay check that they are receiving, they can afford to go on vacation for weeks. Some of the laborers in the country earn as high as $1000 per day, depending on their level of expertise.

Welding skills can be used in many vocational careers. Being a certified welder and working as an auto technician, hvac technician, machinist and fabricator can increase your hourly pay. One sure way for a welder to improve his or her yearly compensation is to get a certificate. Acquiring a certification can increase one’s hourly rate by $3 to $5. For your comparison, the average salaries in Kansas for this field are stated below. A welder who lives in this area has a mean income of $25,000 a year, a pipe welder earns $32,000 annually while a certified welder makes $33,000 per annum. Of course, not everyone can be a welder. You have to undergo the proper welder training so that you can master the skills needed in this field. The TMI is one of the most trusted institutions when it comes to welding. It offers a variety of custom-fit courses for either a company or a self-sponsored position. The school also provides refresher courses and advanced studies to those who seek to receive such learning. TMI aims to be the industry leader by providing product stimulated workmanship activities and all common welding procedures. Its trainers are all registered master welding instructors and its qualification exercises are testified by the CSWIP. You may send in your inquiries about the school’s welder training to

Truck Driver Salary

A truck driver is held responsible in transporting different things such as cars, furniture and heavy machinery from one area to another. As decreed by the United States Department of Transportation, these motorists are mandated to keep a log of their daily driving activities. The typical truck driver salary is calculated per mile. The entry level income in this industry is around 27 to 44 cents per mile, depending on the trucking company. There are actually a lot of things that can make a discrepancy in a truck driver salary. For example, team drivers are paid higher than solo drivers. Work experience and geographic placement are also factors that can influence the yearly compensation for this career. Here’s is a natioanal estimate average that will allow you to come to a conclusion of what you might expect to see in a truck driving salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking industry makes up around 64 percent of the entire cargo that is being transmitted in the country. As you can see, it is a big part of the American culture. In fact, it makes up to $225 billion of revenue for an entire year. Now, most of the trucking companies in the U.S. have an average annual remittance of $98 billion. Looking at these figures, you can come up with the conclusion that this industry works on a huge budget and earns a relatively small amount of revenue. This information will give you a clear idea of how the truck driver salary is calculated. Based on the logs submitted by these wage earners, the average number of miles that a driver travels in a year is at 100,000. You will get the same figure if you multiply the Earth’s circumference by four. With an individual’s years of experience, this number will grow bigger as well resulting to the increase of his or her truck driver salary.

To make an estimate, the mean annual income range of a truck driver is $32,400 to $42,300. The amount is dependent on the company’s earnings in revenue per annum. To explain further, if a company has an average pay rate of $42,300 every year then this means that the company’s earnings in revenue is around $150,000. When you reduce the costs to this amount, this will give you $75,000 worth of profit which will then serve as the gross truck driver salary. The truck driving job with salary is determined by the type and size of company as well. The federal government has a yearly pay rate of $35,316 for its truck drivers. Self-employed workers make an average of $37,324 in a year while those who work in teams earn $40,657. Trucking industries that have about 50,000 employees pay a mean income of $48,234 to $76,059 per annum. Smaller companies, with less than 5,000 drivers, have an average yearly pay rate of $35,947 to $60,094.

As mentioned earlier, the geographic location of an individual plays a major role in his or her truck driver salary. Here are some of the major states in the country and their corresponding average rates for their drivers. Laborers residing in Georgia have a salary range of $36,054 to $57,248 in a year. Those who are employed in California make an average of $36,041 to $58,456 annually while the ones in Ohio get $34,620 to $51,180. The mean annual income of truck drivers in Pennsylvania is $36,297 to $60,155 while laborers in Illinois receive $38,727 to $59,938. Experience can also make a disparity in a truck driver’s yearly pay check. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has recorded that senior truck drivers in the United States, with 20 years or more of driving experience, have a medial annual pay of $38,956 to $64,472. New drivers with less than one year behind them are paid $30,062 to $44,333. The rates will always be determined by the type of employer that these drivers work for.

Being a truck driver is not as simple as just maneuvering a 10 to 18 wheeler vehicle that carries loads of merchandise. Aside from the road rules that are mandated by the government, there are also company regulations that need to be followed. This is the reason why it is very important that all drivers undergo a truck driving training. There are many different ways in which you can get the training that you need. In fact, there are several industries that provide truck driving jobs with training. This usually works by signing an agreement with the company that you will work for them in a certain period of time. If you meet their requirement, then they will provide you with a full reimbursement of the training expenses that you had. However, if you resign from the company before your contract is over then they will charge you of a prorated amount instead. One of the most important requirements for this job is to secure a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL. Acquiring such license will mean that you have the ability to operate commercial motor vehicles such as big trucks. Some companies provide a free CDL truck driving training as well. The MTC Truck Driver Training is one of the best American training schools available for you. This school is affiliated with a number of trucking industries that willingly sponsor their programs. Graduates of the MTC are directly hired by these companies and are provided with benefits and privileges too. To get more information on their truck driving jobs with training options, you may call them at 800-455-4682 or directly submit an application form through their website.

Similar vocational fields that may be of interest to you include HVAC training programs that offer courses for automotive technicians and residential/business heating air conditioning and ventilation techs. Forklift operator training courses, offer careers driving forklifts and other machinery paying a similar salary to truck driving in certain fields.

Home Inspector Annual Wage

A home inspector is someone who examines houses and makes sure that these are in conformity with the local building codes. It is the ideal job for an individual who is piqued by architecture and building trade issues but does not want to be a professional constructor himself or herself. Based on the wage chart presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medial annual home inspector salary is around $50,000. The medial range is said to be from $40,000 to $55,000, depending on some common income variables. The upper-most sector of these workers has a yearly pay check of $60,000 while the bottom-most sector earns $35,000 on average. Judging from the figures stated above, one can conclude that the life of this laborer is fairly comfortable. A home inspector is paid as such because this career calls for time and hard work. However, the requirements for this job are quite easy to achieve. If one does a comparison with the pay and the expenses, then one will clearly see how convenient it is to pursue a career as a home inspector.

Three of the common variables that affect the annual home inspector salary are geographic placement, educational attainment and work experience of an individual. The cost of living and employment demand are usually used as bases to calculate salaries in a certain city or state. The location of a worker is always a big factor in his or her yearly stipend. There are various ways that an individual can find out the rate in his or her state. The salary information for this career is readily posted on the internet or he or she can ask freelance home inspectors in the area. Here are some of the major states in the country and their corresponding mean compensation. In the year 2009, the medial annual wage of a home inspector in California is around $82,290. The ones who are located in Pennsylvania earn a middle salary of $44,610 per annum. Individuals who work as home inspectors in New York are paid a median annual salary of $62,000. Ohio employees, on the other hand, have a yearly pay check of $48,800. Aspiring home inspectors may either enroll in a diploma or an associate’s degree training program. This kind of program is usually offered in a vocational school or a local community college. An individual may also take advance courses in carpentry, engineering or architecture. Acquiring further education in this field will boost up one’s application form and salary as well. Just like any other career in the world, a house inspector’s pay improves with time as well. As the number of houses viewed by this laborer increases, he or she will get more familiar with the procedures and systems involved in the job. Once he or she becomes an expert in this craft, clients and home inspection offices will surely offer a higher pay rate.

A building inspector salary is different with that of a house inspector. Although their job is somewhat similar, some specifications do vary. A building inspector examines finished buildings instead of houses. It is his or her job to ensure that these structures conform to the safety codes, zoning regulations and contractor demands. According to the BLS, the average building inspector salary in the United States is $50,180 every year. However, this amount is also dependent on factors such as location, employer, education and experience. The highest-paid wage-earners in this industry are said to reside in the areas of California, Columbia, Alaska, Washington and Connecticut. The mean income range in these places is around $62,000 to $71,000. As for the type of employer, non-residential building construction companies pay higher than anyone else with the middle pay rate of $66,200 a year. They are followed closely by government establishments and schools at the rate of $61,370. Similar to being a house inspector, this career does not require a four-degree coursework. In fact, 28 percent of the laborers in this field only had some college but no formal degree. However, some of the areas in the country require their building inspectors to be licensed. Compare another home related career in HVAC. Training programs for HVAC technicians yield a career in a similar salary range.

One sure way to improve a home inspector’s salary is to get certified. Completing a formal training program and an internship in this field is not enough to get a worker certified. The individual has to meet certain certification requirements and acquire a certificate from the American Society of Home Inspectors or the ASHI. The certification requirements vary from state to state and sometimes city to city. Take for example in Illinois, the applicant must be 21 years of age or older. He or she should complete at least 60 hours of accredited education and training and must have a high school diploma. Other areas require their workers to be 18 years of age and must have a clean criminal record. There are also states, such as Indiana, that requires their applicants to have at least $100,000 worth of insurance. Whichever state an individual resides in, he or she must pass the certification exam in order to take his or her salary to higher level. Having a certificate also gives the wage earner the right to demand for bigger pay. The mean certified home inspector salary in the United States is $97,000 in a year.

To jumpstart a successful career as a house inspector, one must learn how it’s done from the experts. The industry leaders will teach anyone who’s interested how to become their own boss, manage their time and have a secure job that offers endless possibilities. The Professional Home Inspection Institute or PHII is one of the best schools that provide the proper education in this field. In addition, the price of its programs is guaranteed to be very pocket-friendly. Taking its home inspection training program is convenient as it is offered online. Students may learn at their own paces and attend the classes on their own schedule. Of course there are also campus-based classes. But for individuals who have busy everyday schedules, an online class is more preferred. PHII aims to provide its students with top-of-the-line education that will put them ahead of the competition. With PHII, one’s career does not end in plain house inspection for the school provides options of expansion. These include mold inspection, energy audits, infrared thermal inspections and a lot more. For more information on the school’s services, a representative is willing to answer calls at 1-800-983-6322.

Forklift Operator Salary

A forklift operator is the person responsible for piloting hydraulic lifting systems of heavy transport materials such as industrial trucks. The usual employers of these operators are warehouse establishments and docks. As noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean forklift operator salary in the country is $31,500 every year. The top-most division of these laborers has a medial annual income of $45,490 while the bottom-most division receives $20,420. The middle salary range is reported to be around $24,390 to $36,890 per annum. This information is based on the salary survey conducted by the BLS in the year 2010. As with all the other careers, the earnings for this career is influenced by a number of factors. The type of industry that an individual works for can make a difference in his or her yearly recompense. Those who are hired in natural gas distribution companies are the highest-paid laborers in this field. They have a median annual wage of $56,810. Wage earners working as forklift operators in electric power generation establishments make an average of $51,550 every year. The industry with the highest number of employees is the warehousing and storage facilities.

The level of expertise is also a determining factor in the forklift operator salary. The break down for this vocational career salary are as follows: The entry-level income for this career is $8.01 per hour. Workers who have 1 to 4 years of work experience get an average of $8.96 per hour while those who have more than 20 years behind them are paid $10.09 or more. The rate would depend on the type of industry that they work for too. Geographic location is another major determinant of the forklift operator salary. Those who are employed in California make a medial annual pay of $27,000 while the ones residing in Alaska receive $21,000. Workers who are situated in Texas have a yearly pay check of $24,000 while those living in New York receive $30,000 on average. The mean forklift salary in North Carolina is $24,000 in a year while that of West Virginia is $26,000. Those who are hired in Alabama earn a median wage of $27,000 per annum while the ones employed in Utah receive $24,000. Employees in Arizona take home an average of $22,000 a year while those in Pennsylvania get $25,000. Washington workers have a medial annual pay of $23,000 while the ones living in Arkansas makes $25,000 on average. The pay rate in each state is calculated based on the cost of living and employment rate in the area.

Other than the basic salaries that these laborers receive every year, they also enjoy health benefits, vacation leaves and annual bonuses. Of course, these will all depend on their employer and years of experience. The BLS stated that 73 percent of these individuals get medical benefits such as vision and dental insurances. However, there are also some who do not receive any company benefit at all. The annual bonuses, on the other hand, range from $288 to $750. The amount will depend on one’s rendered years of service. As for vacation weeks, an employee is entitled to 6 days up to 1 month of paid leaves depending on work experience. The work environment of a forklift operator is determined by the type of industry that he or she works for. There are individuals who work during the day, while others at night. The former are those who are usually employed in construction sites while the latter are the ones hired in large stores. Either way, it is expected from these laborers to always follow the standard safety guidelines for operating such equipment. The BLS has predicted that there will be a positive growth in the employment rate of forklift operators. The demand is expected to increase by at least 3 percent from 2008 to 2018.

A forklift mechanic is considered the expert when it comes to diagnosing, adjusting and overhauling hydraulic equipment. Their typical working day deals with bulldozers, conveyors, graders and large cranes. As of today, there are 108,540 individuals who are working as forklift mechanics in the United States. The medial annual income of these professionals is $46,140 which means that they earn $22.18 per hour. The geographic location of an individual also makes a difference in the forklift mechanic salary. Two of the highest-paying states are New York and California, at $65,000 and $62,000 respectively. The areas of Illinois, Arizona and Florida come in next. A laborer’s work experience also influences the forklift mechanic salary. Those who have 1 to 4 years behind them make $20.94 per hour while the ones with 5 to 9 years of experience receive $25.34. Chief forklift mechanics, with 20 years of service in the industry, are paid a mean hourly rate of $25.67. But some employers do have a higher rate than the ones stated above.

Due to the power of technology, forklift training has been made possible on the internet. There are various technical schools around the world that provide not only campus-based education, but also online programs. Unlike some other careers, this industry deems it mandatory for applicants to undergo the proper forklift training. Although the job description may sound simple for others, the skill needed for this position is not possessed by just about anyone. This is the sole reason why the United States Federal Court has required all forklift operators to be trained and certified. The formal training for this career can be categorized into two parts: lift truck knowledge and operating skills. The classes included in this program will discuss everything that there is to know about forklift equipment and operation. It will also include topics on various types of powered trucks like diesel powered, gasoline powered, etc. The average cost for enrolling in this type of training is around $89, depending on the technical school. One of the highly recommended institutions in the industry is the Forklift University which is located in California, Texas and Arizona. The school aims to help its students pass the OSHA certification exam and land an entry-level position in no time. For further inquiries, interested parties may call these numbers: 602-903-1895 (AZ), 909-740-3647 (CA) and 512-351-4611 (TX).

HVAC Technician Salary

According to the US Department of Labor and Statistics, there were 308,000 HVAC technicians employed in the country in 2008. That is approximately 6,200 technicians employed per state, and the number keeps rising as it is found to be a career with a stable salary. Much skill, learned through training, is required to land a job in this field however, it can be a very rewarding career choice. The first step one should take to enter this career field is to complete a training program from an accredited HVAC school. Courses are offered to students both online and through campus locations throughout the US. HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and this accurately describes the type of work HVAC technicians deal with.

HVAC salary

According to various sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is one industry that definitely benefits from education and experience. There are many kinds of HVAC technicians and many levels of expertise as well. HVAC salary is mostly dependent on this. People in this field can earn from $25,000 to $75,000 annually. Persons seeking to enter this field can take a certificate course which gets them a degree in the least amount of time, often two years to as little as about a year. HVAC training can be done online or in local community colleges to save on costs. After undertaking this HVAC technician training, though, he or she must get certified in order to belong to the median area of the salary scale. HVAC technicians at entry-level positions, often serve as apprentices to more experienced technicians. Their pay entirely depends on the job requirements, but it can be anywhere from $22,000 to $25,000 a year.

Experienced HVAC salary

When these technicians get certified, their prospects brighten considerably. They can expect to earn anywhere from $30,000 to $55,000 annually, again, depending on their level of expertise. The highest level of the pyramid are HVAC engineers, who can earn up to $75,000 yearly as their tasks are more intensive and advanced. Adding to this is the fact that they have built up their reputations over time. HVAC technicians can find jobs within existing businesses requiring their services, or set up their own private practice and extend their services to a community. Rates for a service tech are typically seen around $19.00 per hour, while an install technician will see closer to $16.00 hourly. Other Job specific salaries include refrigeration technician with an annual pay rate of $45,000, HVAC controls technician with annual earnings of $60,000, air conditioning tech who earns on average $47,000 per year as well as a HVAC air balancing technician who can see upwards of $70,000 annually.

HVAC technicians tasks

HVAC technicians, as the name implies, are in charge of air conditioners, ventilation mechanisms and refrigeration systems overseeing their repair, maintenance, development and replacement. So what do they do exactly?

For one, a HVAC technician will be doing installations of air conditioners, heaters and ventilation machines. They will also be in charge of repair and periodic upkeep to ensure that each machine is used wisely to its usable potential. It is pertinent that HVAC technicians be trained in reading blueprints, manuals and other paperwork concerning the structure of the machine, so as to better understand it and fix it, if needed.

There are a number of kinds of HVAC technicians. Some are HVAC Residential Service Technicians. Others are HVAC Commercial Service Technicians. Still others are Control technicians, Maintenance technicians or service technicians.

HVAC training

HVAC technicians are trained in various aspects during their education. High school students are encouraged to take classes like mechanical drawing, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, applied sciences and other related subjects to better have an understanding of what will be taught in class. All HVAC technicians with legal licenses are also trained in preparing an area for installation, by making sure that it complies with local laws and area codes for a particular building or structure. There are several schools in the US offering HVAC courses, and these are the top-ranking ones.

The Refrigeration School Inc.
4210 East Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

This school located in Phoenix specializes in careers relating to heating, ventilation, air-condition and refrigeration. Its assets include a very competent staff and faculty, spacious and well-stocked facilities, and financial aid to help students who are not financially capable of studying here. They also offer weekend classes for utmost flexibility, a big consideration for students who may be working.

Everest College

With years of solid reputation under its belt, Everest College is one of the best institutions for HVAC training and learning. With a number of institutes, colleges and universities in the country all offering the same calibre of education, one can be sure that a major bonus of going to this college is its accessibility.

Paralegal Salary

Two of the tasks of a paralegal are assisting in case investigations and interviewing witnesses. The earnings of a paralegal or paralegal assistant depend on one’s expertise, skill and geographic location. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage of a paralegal is at $46,000. But the entry-level salary is around $42,700. Those who have acquired further knowledge and skill in the field are usually paid higher. Paralegals who are backed up with at least 8 years of working experience earn an average of $66,576 in a year. Educational attainment is another determinant of a paralegal’s earnings. Although having an associate’s degree in any program of paralegal studies is sufficient to get one a job in this field, those who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree are paid higher. Salary ranges will vary greatly depending on if one is a certified paralegal, paralegal assistant or even a patent paralegal. Most employers seek to hire such candidates as these individuals have earned extra coaching and an immense foundation in the field. Improving on one’s training and expertise is a sure way for paralegals to receive really good wages.

Similar to other careers, being a paralegal has its own share of areas of advancement. The yearly pay of this profession is determined by the responsibilities that one is tasked to do. Newly hired paralegals usually have an average annual wage of $30,000. But if one excels in the assignments that is given to him or her, then it is possible for this person’s pay to increase up to $50,000 in just a matter of 12 months. Three of the most important determinants that influence a paralegal’s salary are work experience, type of employer and geographic location. Employers assess the pay of their paralegals through the expertise that one has in his or her chosen discipline. If one needs less supervision to complete his or her task, then his or her value to the company will relatively increase. The salary of a paralegal also depends on the type of legislation firm that they work for. Firms that require more work and responsibilities usually pay higher. For example, those who work in a prison defense law are paid higher than the ones employed in non-revenue law. Moreover, here are some of the law industries and their corresponding rates. Paralegals that are hired by the federal government have an average annual wage of $56,080 while those who work for the local government are paid $42,170. The ones who are employed by legal services get a yearly pay of $41,460 while those hired by the state government earn around $38,020.

Geographic location is another key ingredient that determines a paralegal’s annual salary. Based on the wage chart provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Columbia is the highest paying state at a rate of $61,660 in a year. Those who are working in New York have an average annual pay of $57,910 while the ones located in sunny California earn $56,400. Alaska also pays its paralegals relatively well. The rate in this area is around $53,830 each year. Illinois is in the 5th spot in the wage chart provided by the Bureau at an average rate of $52,330 in a year. Some areas and regions even pay as low as $35,000 annually. However, one should keep in mind that the standard of living in an area is an important factor that affects the salary for any profession. Take for example New York and California, these are said to be two of the most costly states in the entire country. The discipline that one pursues also influences the amount of salary that he or she can earn in a year. Those who took up international law in the corporate sector receive around $77,000 annually while the ones in labor get $67,100. A specialization in mergers and acquisitions can improve one’s pay to as high as $70,278 while litigation has a rate of $62,223. Those who work in law firms that have a specialization in tax laws earn around $67,500 while the ones who have a certificate in intellectual property receive $67,300. Securities pay $65,200 while corporation and enterprise is at $61,413 each year.

Paralegal Job Description

Paralegals have different tasks to fulfill, depending on the type of industry that they work for. The size and the number of employees in a company are also determinants of a paralegal’s scope of responsibility. In general, they help in conducting investigations and interviewing witnesses but they are not allowed to give any legal advice to the clients. They are also prohibited from representing a client or arguing in court. Paralegals are more of a support team, they do most of the research that is needed for a case. They work hand in hand with the lawyers to obtain all the necessary information, affidavits and documents related to the case. They also see to it that everything is prepared for the court hearings. Paralegals are in-charge of making motions that will help their team win the case. They play a very important part as they assist lawyers in the closings, hearings, trials and corporate meetings. In addition, they are also trained to make draft contracts, mortgages and separation agreements. Paralegals may work in law firms, corporate departments and government facilities.

Paralegal Training

Completing a formal education is not a paralegal’s standard job requirement. However, employers highly prefer applicants who have finished courses in paralegal studies. In fact, this industry is getting pretty competitive each year and holding a certification or degree in paralegal training is the best way that a candidate can set himself or herself apart from the crowd. Anyone is welcome to enroll in any paralegal program that is available in the community colleges and universities. Completion of such courses will grant a person an associate’s degree as well as a certificate. Aspiring paralegals may also pursue higher levels of education to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 1,000 schools nationwide that offer formal trainings in paralegal studies. But only 25 percent of this is accredited by the American Bar Association. Although it is not compulsory, this will surely boost up one’s credentials. It is also highly recommended that a candidate secures a certificate from any of the three national paralegal professional organizations: National Association of Legal Assistants, National Federation of Paralegal Associations and American Alliance of Paralegals. The important thing here is that an applicant completes a training program that will prepare him or her for the challenges involved in this career.