Court Reporter Yearly Salary

A court reporter’s main responsibility is to conserve all written records of the litigations that took place in legal sessions such as hearing, trials and many more. They perform their daily duties with the help of specialized equipment called the stenotype. This is the reason why they are often referred to as a stenographer. The median annual court reporter salary is $45,610 as of year 2010. The lowest 10th percentile of the workers in the country earns an average of $23,430 in a year while the highest 90th percentile receives $77,770. The salary of a stenographer can be compared to quite nicely with other legal study careers such as the salary of a paralegal. The annual income of a law reporter is actually quite high, considering that he or she does not need to be a degree holder. The entry level income for this job position is around $12.22 per hour. Those who have rendered 20 years or more of service in the industry have an hourly rate of $42.91 which means that stenographers can earn as much as $89,240 in a year.

The geographic location of a short hand reporter is one of the things that can cause a disparity in his or her yearly pay. According to the salary survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top-paying states in the country are Oregon ad New York. Employers in OR are said to have an hourly rate of $48.36 for their stenotype operator while NY is at $38.90. This means that the annual court reporter salaries in these areas are $100,590 and $80,920, respectively. The District of Colorado came in third in the survey. Stenographers residing in this place earn an average of $37.64 per hour or $78,300 per year. The average yearly pay of a law reporter in Mississippi is $69,000 while in Georgia it is $54,000. Those who are located in Florida have a yearly income of $54,000 while the ones in Alabama make $50,000 on average. Wage earners living in Utah have a medial annual wage of $51,000 while the ones situated in Virginia receive $58,000.

The top-paying cities in the country include New York, White Plains, Denver, Nassau, Suffolk and Bellevue among others. New York short hand reporters earn a mean income of $39.58 per hour while in Denver these professionals receive $39.42. Those who are employed in Nassau and Suffolk have a mean annual wage of $73,050 while the ones in Bellevue receive $72,340. The metropolitan division of Washington like the Everett and Seattle areas has the same pay rate as that of Bellevue. It was reported way back in the year 2006 that there are 19,000 individuals in the U.S. who work as court reporters. Back then, the employment rate is expected to increase by 25 percent in the next 10 years. Judging from the job opportunities posted for these professionals, the prediction is true. One of the reasons behind this immensely large growth in the demand is the increasing number of lawsuits filed annually.

In order to work as a stenotype operator, you have to take the time to learn the basic skills needed. The typical court reporter training usually lasts for around two to four years. Although these laborers are not required to be a degree holder of any course, they do need to have ample knowledge of the court proceedings and operations. It would be easier for them to keep a record of the important details if they are familiar with the system. Majority of those who are interested in this field take specialized certificate or diploma programs at any business school. Some even enroll in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree course to improve their average annual pay. In addition, they will have an edge over their competitors as they have undergone a more intensive learning about the industry. Nowadays, it has become easier to acquire the necessary court reporter training because of online courses and programs. There are many local colleges and universities that now provide distance learning in stenography. Students may either enroll in a basic court reporter course or train how to become a voice writer reporter.

Court reporter schools offer training programs that are consisted of classroom learning as well as on-the-job experience. This comprehensive program will prepare and teach the students how to handle real-time reporting. There are also court reporter schools that administer licensure procedures for existing short hand reporters. Similar to attending a continuing education, a license will boost up one’s court reporter salary. One of the most excellent court reporter schools in the country is the Penn Foster Career School. It offers an online class in legal transcriptionist that takes around 24 months to complete. The most convenient part of learning online is that a person can work at his or her own pace. It is guaranteed that this school offers a DETC accredited coursework in court reporting at a very pocket-friendly price. Aside from that, it has been dubbed as one of the top online court reporting school in America. For more information, the school can be reached at 1-800-275-4410 or visit them at 925 Oak Street in Scranton, PA.