Dental Assistant Annual Gross Income in Colorado

A dental assistant’s job is said to be one of the most stable and fulfilling jobs in the industry. This medical professional is trained to play a special part in every phase of the patient treatment process. He or she is also responsible in preparing the dental instruments needed in a certain procedure. The financial aspect of this profession is somewhat difficult to estimate as it is influenced by a number of considerable factors. And some individuals work on a part-time basis while others complete a full-time shift. Based on a salary survey that was conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual dental assistant salary in Colorado is $35,020. This amount is slightly higher than the declared national average which is $33,000 in a year. But as mentioned earlier, there are several factors that can cause a variation to this profession’s salary.

One of the major determinants of a dental assistant salary in Colorado is geographic location. Each city and region in this state has a different rate for this job. Some of the things that are used as basis for the estimations are the cost of living and the demand for such professionals in the area. Here are some of the major cities in CO and their matching rates. Dental assistants in Arvada have a median annual wage of $32,000 while the ones in Aurora make $33,000 in a year. Colorado Springs pays an average yearly wage of $30,000 for this profession while the city of Denver has a rate of $34,000. Individuals who are employed in Fort Collins are paid $28,000 annually while the ones in Lakewood receive $33,000. Those who are in Pueblo earn around $30,000 in a year while the ones in Thornton have a pay check of $33,000. Dental assistants in Westminster, on the other hand, make around $33,000 each year. According to the report made by the BLS, the highest paying areas in this state are Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver.

The job outlook for this career in Colorado is overall excellent. The employment rate is expected to rapidly increase in the next 10 years. Based on the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cities of Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins have the highest percentage of jobs relative to the population. Those with the lowest percentage of jobs include Denver, Boulder and Greeley. Another major determining factor of a dental assistant salary in CO is the educational attainment of an individual. Those who pursue furthered education and skill in the dental field, often times have a higher income than those who don’t. This is the reason why some dental assistants work to obtain a certification in x-ray, periodontics and oral surgery. To illustrate further, here are some of the job titles related to the field and their matching average salaries. A dental assistant instructor can make around $38,000 in a year while a lead dental assistant earns $41,000. A physical therapy assistant receives $55,000 annually while a medical and healthcare assistant in CO is paid $64,000.

To become a dental assistant in this state, one must complete a training program in this field. There are several technical schools in Colorado that offers accredited dental assisting programs. One of the highly recommended institutions is the Everest College. This is located in Aurora but it also has 35 other campuses all over the country. This school also offers online courses for those who are located far from the area. It provides certificate programs and degree programs to those who can complete its dental assisting coursework. Another technical school in Colorado is the IntelliTec College. This one is situated in Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction. Graduates of this school are provided with a certificate in dental assisting and are encouraged to take the registration exam. In addition, it provides financial assistance and scholarship plans to students who cannot afford to pay for the tuition.