Dental Assistant Average Annual Wages in Idaho

The job of a dental assistant includes preparing and cleaning dental instruments and supplies. They are also trained to prepare dental materials such as impressions, cements, composite, etc. It is their duty to interview patients and record their important dental and health histories. The financial aspect of this career is one of the most talked about topics among people who want to become dental assistants. The salary for this profession is quite modest as compared to the salaries of other medical careers. However, the pay may vary from area to area due to some key factors. Based on the average income survey done by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual dental assistant salary in Idaho is $29,000. This amount is relatively lower than the national average which is $33,000. The survey also shows that the entry-level salary in this state for dental assistants is at $14 per hour.

One of the major determinants of the dental assistant salary in Idaho is geographic location. To illustrate further, here are some of the major cities in this state and their matching average rates. Dental assistants working in the city of Boise earn an average of $26,000 a year while the ones in Pocatello get $28,000. Those who are employed in Nampa have a median annual wage of $26,000 while the ones in Idaho Falls make $28,000 per annum. Individuals residing in the city of Meridian, on the other hand, receive $26,000 annually. One sure way for a dental assistant to improve his or her salary is to pursue further knowledge and skill on the field. After all, this is one career that offers several areas of improvement to its candidates. For example, a dental hygienist working in ID can make an average of $65,630 in a year. This means that they earn around $31.55 in an hour. According to the wage chart provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the city of Lewiston pays as high as $70,000 for this job position. As anyone can see, there is a big difference between what dental hygienists and dental assistants in this state are earning.

Another major determinant of a dental assistant’s salary in ID is work experience. As an individual stays longer in this field, he or she will typically earn a higher wage. As mentioned earlier, the entry-level salary for this profession is at $14 per hour. But this rate gradually increases as one garners more work experience. It can go as high as $20.30 per hour. The job outlook for dental assistants hired in Idaho is very excellent. The BLS has predicted that the employment rate for this profession will continue to increase in the next 8 or 10 years. Many dental offices and health care establishments in this area will be opening entry-level positions that will provide on-the-job trainings as well. However, it would be a plus if an applicant has a certificate to perform expanded functions such as coronal polishing and placing of temporary crowns.

Employers for this profession in ID are very lenient when it comes to their job requirements. But most of them prefer to hire applicants who have received a formal training in dental assisting. Previous work experience would also boost up one’s credentials. There are various technical schools in Idaho that offers dental assisting programs. One of them is the Brigham Young University. It provides a diploma or a certificate to those who can complete its dental assistant employment training courses. This institution is located in 200 Kimball Building in Rexburg. Anyone is free to browse its dedicated website which is or call 208-496-1541. A representative of the school will be more than willing to attend to any queries or concerns about the course. Another popular technical school in Idaho is the College of Lake County. This is situated in 19351 West Washington Street in Grayslake. Its dental assistant training program lasts for a year and it grants a certificate to its graduates. The school’s best contact number is 847-543-2176.