Dental Assistant Annual Wage Stats in Indiana

A dental assistant is someone who assists the dentists in performing dental procedures. They are in-charge of the preparation of the tools needed for such sessions and they are also the ones who escort the patients to treatment rooms. Some of them are trained to conduct dental x-rays while others can apply sealants on the patient’s teeth. The financial aspect of this profession is a main concern of those who would like to pursue it. Just as with any other career in the medical industry, the salary for this job depends on several key factors. That is why the amount may vary from different areas all around the United States. Based on the salary survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual dental assistant salary in Indiana is $33,580. This means that the hourly rate is at $16.14. This amount is slightly higher than the national average which is $33,000 in a year or $15.95 per hour.

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The middle 50 percent of dental assistants working in IN have a salary range of $28,900 to $36,100 in a year. The highest 10 percent receive $38,900 while the lowest 10 percent get $25,300. As mentioned earlier, geographic location is one of the major determinants of a dental assistant salary in Indiana. Each city and region has a different rate for these professionals. Those who are employed in Evansville have a median annual wage of $32,000 while the ones in Indianapolis earn $30,000. Individuals hired in the city of South Bend make $33,000 in a year while the ones in Fort Wayne get $32,000. Lafayette has an average pay rate of $30,120 for its dental assistants while Gary pays $31,730 each year. The figures stated above are based on the report presented by the BLS this 2011. The cost of living and the employment rate for such professionals in the area were used as bases for these averages. Some of the highest paying areas in this state are Indianapolis, South Bend and Bloomington.

Another key factor that can influence the salary of a dental assistant in IN is work experience. As an individual stays longer in this field, he or she also gains more knowledge and skill about it. Thus, his or her average pay will also improve. Those who are assigned more duties in the office are also paid differently from their colleagues. The educational attainment of a dental assistant is also used to determine his or her average pay. Those who pursue a specialization in this field have a better chance of enjoying a higher salary. For example, a dental hygienist working in the state of Indiana can earn around $65,000 in a year while a dental assistant instructor has a median annual wage of $36,000. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for this profession in this area is very promising. The organization has reported that there are currently 70 job openings available for the taking. These openings include full-time, part-time and temporary positions. However, full-time is highly recommended as this position grants various health and dental benefits to its workers.

It is relatively easy to land a job as a dental assistant in Indiana. All one has to do is to complete a formal training in dental assisting. This program is offered in a number of technical schools across the state. One of them is the Everest College located in Merrillville. This institution is said to have 35 different campuses all over the country. It offers a diploma to the graduates of its dental assisting, dental office and chairside assistant and intra oral level 2 dental assistant programs. Another technical school in Indiana is Fortis College which is situated in Indianapolis. It offers dental assisting and expanded function dental assistant programs. The latter is quite in demand these days as more and more employers are looking to hire applicants who can perform expanded duties. The school provides a diploma, a certificate or an associate’s degree to people who finish any one of its training programs. Fortis College aims to prepare its students for the fast-growing and high-demand career of being a dental assistant.