Amount Of Money Dental Assistant Makes in Kansas

Dental assistants are one of the health care professionals that have a wide range of daily assignments. Their responsibility ranges from caring for patients to setting everyday dental appointments. One of the major determinants of the dental assistant salary in Kansas is the location of a laborer. For example, those who live in Kansas City have an annual recoupment of $32,099 with the top 10th bracket getting $38,344 each annum and the bottom 10th bracket receives $24,698. Topeka employers pay their workers an average of $30,314 annually with the utmost percentile receiving $36,212 and the undermost percentile gets $23,325. Those who are located in Wichita have a medial annual pay of $31,751 with the top 10th bracket making $37,928 and the bottom 10th bracket earns an average of $24,430. Residents of Olathe get a mean income of $28,000 every year while the ones who live in Overland Park are paid a middle salary of $29,500. These averages are significantly lower than its neighboring state of Colorado. Dental assistants in CO averaged closer to $38,000 annually. However, averages for Kansas were higher than techs employed in NE and OK. Compare all dental assistant salaries by State!

Another factor that can change the dental assistant salary in Kansas is the job definition of a worker. An army reserve physician assistant has a yearly recompense of $65,000 while an assistant manager of collection is paid an average of $23,000. A travel occupational therapist who lives in this state earns a mean salary of $93,000 while a physical therapist travel assistant gets $65,000 per annum. An office administrative assistant residing in KS makes a median wage of $36,000 annually. Those who perform the duties of a medical and healthcare assistant are paid a yearly recoupment of $75,000 while the ones called occupational therapy assistant make $69,000. A storage consultant assistant has an annual pay of $27,000 while a certified occupational therapist assistant gets an average of $69,000. Special job titles are obtained if a person completes an advance study in this field. A dental hygienist and a surgical dental assistant earn a higher salary compared to their colleagues.

The work experience of an individual can also change his or her salary in this field. The entry level income of a dental assistant in KS is $10.08 while the middle 50 percent are paid $14.55 per hour. Workers who have 1 to 4 years of rendered service make an hourly rate of $11.99 while the ones with 5 to 9 years get $14.20. The hourly rate of dental assistants who have 10 to 15 years of work experience is $17.22 while that of veteran workers is an average of $19.92. Different employers in this industry also have different pay rates for their wage earners. General medical and surgical employees have an annual stipend of $41,430 while those who work for outpatient care units receive $35,810. The mean annual pay of those who are hired in doctors’ offices is $29,530. Other health care facilities pay their workers an average of $24,950 per annum. The job outlook for these professionals in Kansas is currently 3 percent higher than the national job outlook. The booming industry is one of the reasons why more dental assistants are migrating to this state.

Technical schools in Kansas offer a variety of dental assisting programs. Some have an associate’s degree course while others offer a certificate program. There are also vocational schools and universities that provide higher levels of education such as a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. The Flint Hills Technical College has 481 students right now. It offers an associate’s degree to its dental assistant graduates and provides a diverse learning community to its students. This is currently located at 3301 West 18th Street in Emporia. More information about its training programs can be found on The Wichita Area Technical College is amongst the top-pick schools of aspiring dental assistants in this state. It began operating in the year 1965 and has been providing excellent quality of education ever since. The complete address of this institution is 301 South Grove in Wichita and can be contacted by calling 316-677-9400. This school observes minimal admission requirements and is very open to anyone who wants to enroll in its courses.