Dental Assistant Salary in Kentucky

The job of a dental assistant includes performing administrative and clinical duties. They are assigned to prepare and clean equipment that is used during dental procedures. They are also in-charge of inventory control and management and they make up-to-date dental charts. The salary for this profession greatly varies from different areas of the country. Based on the salary survey conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual dental assistant salary in Kentucky is $31,000 as of 2009. This amount is slightly lower than the declared national average which is $33,000 a year. The highest 10 percent of individuals who are employed in this state make around $43,000 or higher while the lowest 10 percent receive $21,000 per annum. But as mentioned earlier, the pay rate for this profession varies due to a number of considerable factors. Compare dental assistant salaries by state.

Spencerian College

Spencerian College has been educating students since 1892 and is part of the Sullivan University system which is Kentucky’s largest private college system with over 6,000 students. Spencerian offers career-focused curriculums in business, medical and technical fields. The mission of Spencerian College is to provide men and women with quality training for careers in the business, technical and health care professions.

One of the major determinants of the dental assistant salary in Kentucky is geographic location. The cost of living and employment rate in the area are used as bases for the wage as well.  Those who are hired in the city of Lexington have a median annual wage of $33,000 while the ones in Louisville are paid $28,000 a year. Dental assistants residing in Owensboro can make around $31,000 while the ones in Bowling Green receive $32,000 in a year. Individuals working in Covington have a median annual wage of $31,000 while those in Hopkinsville earn $32,000 annually. The ones located in Frankfort, on the other hand, receive $34,000 in a year. Another key factor that can influence the salary of a dental assistant in KY is work experience. According to the report made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the area for advancement in this career in terms of climbing the corporate ladder is quite limited. But those who are backed up with years of experience have a better chance of getting promoted to office management roles.

The level of education of a dental assistant is also a major determinant of his or her salary. This is the reason why more and more individuals are getting additional schooling and training so that they can perform expanded duties. One of the most sought after specialization is becoming a dental hygienist. Dental assistants in KY who choose to advance to this title have an average annual salary of $55,000. Here are other job titles that are related to the field and their corresponding rates. A travel physical therapy assistant has a median annual wage of $85,000 while a travel occupational therapist earns $93,000. An occupational therapist assigned in a rehabilitation facility gets paid around $93,000 while a medical and healthcare assistant receives $74,000. A certified occupational therapist in KY has a median annual wage of $69,000 while a physical therapy assistant gets $64,000 per annum. The job outlook for this career is overall very excellent. In fact, there will be numerous entry-level positions opening in the coming years. This is because there is a high demand for dental assistants in the state of Kentucky. And as the demand grows higher and higher, it follows that the salary for this profession will also increase.

By enrolling in one of the technical schools in Kentucky, anyone can play the role of a dental assistant. The training programs that these institutions offer are guaranteed to provide their students with the proper education with regards to proper oral hygiene and assisting of dentists during dental procedures. One of the highly recommended schools is the Lincoln College of Technology. This is located in the northern part of KY which is Florence. It provides a diploma or a certificate to the graduates of its dental assisting program. Another technical school in Kentucky is the ATA College and it is situated in the city of Louisville. The training program in this school usually lasts for around 9 to 12 months and it grants a diploma to those who complete it. Both of these institutions aim to produce dental assistants that are ready to work in dental offices and public health departments. Their programs also help prepare the students for the certification examinations required by most employers.