Dental Assistant Pay For State Of Maine

A dental assistant performs both office and laboratory assignments. However, they do not have the same tasks that a dental hygienist is trained for. They are in-charge of answering important phone calls, scheduling of appointments and administering patient care and preparation. The salary of a dental assistant is determined by a number of key factors such as geographic location, previous work experience, level of education and employer type. As the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states, the average median dental assistant salary in Maine is $34,000 annually. This amount is just $1000 higher than the declared national average for the profession. But as mentioned earlier, there are several things that can affect the pay rate of a dental assistant.

A major determinant of the dental assistant salary in Maine is geographic location. Each city and region has a different rate for these professionals. To explain further, indicated below are some of the major cities in this state and their corresponding rates. Dental assistants working in Portland have a median annual wage of $21,000 while the ones in Lewiston earn $22,000. The city of Bangor has a yearly pay rate of $27,000 for this profession while South Portland pays $21,000. Those who are located in Auburn gets a pay check of $22,000 in a year while the ones in Biddeford receive $21,000. Dental assistant salaries should be compared nation wide. Compare dental assistant salaries in CA, Fl and any other state here on Technician Salary. Another factor that can influence the salary of a dental assistant is his or her job title. They are generally known as dental assistants, but some states have a different term for individuals who have obtained additional knowledge and skill in the field. For example, the areas of Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina call them Expanded Duty Dental Assistants. These people are licensed to perform additional functions such as applying protective coating to a patient’s teeth or processing dental x-rays.

Here are some of the job titles related to the field and their matching annual salaries. A travel physical assistant working in ME earns $81,000 in a year while a travel occupational therapist receives $88,000. A certified occupational therapist has a median annual wage of $66,000 while a medical and healthcare assistant gets $70,000. The yearly rate for a physical therapy assistant is $61,000 while an occupational therapist assigned in a rehabilitation center receives $92,000. Another major determinant of a dental assistant’s salary in ME is work experience. The entry-level salary for this profession is $8.94 to $14.31 per hour. Those who have 1 to 4 years of experience are paid $9.75 to $16.30 in an hour while the ones with 5 to 9 years to back them up earn $11.75 to $19.41. Individuals who have worked as dental assistants for 10 to 19 years receive $12.48 to $20.68 per hour while the ones with 20 years or more of work experience behind them are paid $13.17 to $24.06. Some individuals work on a part-time basis only, but majority of these workers prefer a full-time shift because of the benefits that they can get with it. Aside from the basic pay that they have, they are also entitled to dental and other health insurances.

It is somewhat easy to become a dental assistant in ME. All one has to do is to complete an accredited training program from any of its technical schools. One of the most popular institutions in this state is the Penn Foster Career School. This is an online school that has been around since the year 1890. It is known to produce dental assistant graduates who are ready to take the certification examination as well as perform the duties involved in the profession. The dental assistant program provided by this online school usually lasts for 1 year and it offers a diploma to those who finish it. Another technical school in Maine is Stratford Career Institute. Its dental assisting program provides a diploma to its graduates. This school also has scholarship plans and offers financial assistance to students who have money problems.