Dental Assistant Yearly Salary in Michigan Compared to National Average

A dental assistant is technician that is trained to to be able to assist a dentist during dental procedures. They perform a variety of tasks such as preparing of patients for treatments, sterilizing of instruments and setting up of materials. Just as with any other career, the financial aspect of this profession is very important. It is affected by a number of considerable factors including geographic location, type of education, work experience and workplace. Based on a survey conducted through the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly dental assistant salary in Michigan is $34,210 as of 2009. This income is slightly higher than the average national income for dental assistants, which is $33,000. By way of comparison, dental technicians in KY annual earnings, average 31k annually which is $2,000 below the national average.

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As mentioned earlier, one of the major determinants of the dental assistant salary in Michigan is work experience. The longer that an individual stays in this field, the higher his or her pay will be. Plus, he or she will have more chances of getting promoted to office management roles. To illustrate further, here are the estimated hourly wages of dental assistants in MI based on their work experience. The entry-level salary for this job is around $9.10. Those who have 1 to 4 years of work experience have a salary range of $10.40 to $ 14.50 per hour. Individuals who have been in the industry for 5 to 9 years can make $13.20 to $17.40 per hour. And the rates continue to improve as these professionals garner more skill, knowledge and experience in the field. This is why the type of education of a dental assistant is also a key factor that helps determine his or her salary. For example, a registered dental assistant receives a higher pay than his or her colleagues. The state of Michigan does not have a standard job requirement for this career. Many individuals who do not have a degree in dental assisting have been hired by employers and they are given on-the-job training. However, having a certification in this field is a sure way for one to increase his or her job opportunity and salary.

Furthermore, the type of employer of a dental assistant can also affect his or her salary. Those who are hired by the federal government are said to earn $5,000 higher than the statewide average. This is especially true for dental assistants who have completed an accredited program and have been registered. Individuals who have been employed by the state of Michigan have a higher salary range than their colleagues. They can make around $32,615 to $41,823 in a year. The wage chart provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that those who have previous training and experience are paid higher rates. Another major determinant of the dental assistant salary in MI is the location of the individual. Those who work in Benton Harbor receive $31,700 in a year while the ones in Saginaw earn $32,500. Individuals hired in the city of Grand Rapids and Lansing have a median annual wage of $33,000 while the ones in Detroit get $34,000 per annum.

As discussed earlier, the state of Michigan does not require a specific type of education or training for the said career. There are numerous health care departments that provide on-the-job training and experience for their dental assistants. However, majority of the employers nowadays highly prefer applicants who have completed a formal training in the field. They also seek individuals who have previous work experience. To be able to obtain a diploma or an associate’s degree in dental assisting, all one has to do is to enroll in any of the technical schools in MI. Dorsey schools is one of the highly recommended institutions when it comes to this field. It provides short term comprehensive training that will prepare the students for the promising career of dental assisting as well as the certification exam. The training program that this school offers may last around 9 to 12 months. Another technical school in Michigan is the Everest Institute. It aims to top-notch education and adequate hands-on training to its students. The school is proud to present that they have a highly-skilled faculty who are knowledgeable about the field and who can help the aspiring dental assistants have a long term opportunity in this career.