Dental Technician Salary

In the United State of America, the salary for dental techs varies from state to state, there are several categories used in calculating the pay of a dental laboratory technician. The national average for this job actually depends on the job position of a person. The following list of variations will show the upper, lower and median dental technician salaries. The income of a dental laboratory technician starts at around $35,000 per year. This figure is for the beginners in the industry. A more experienced employee can earn up to $61,000 per year. A certified dental technician or CDT, on the other hand, has a salary package of $41,000 dollars annually. But he or she can earn up to $69,000 or $70,000 per year if his or her credentials are great. The variations in the salary really depend on ones experience and qualifications.  A supervisor has the potential to earn a salary package that ranges from about $50,000 to $75,000 per year.

Only senior employees are qualified to supervise a dental prosthetics establishment. Some of their duties include monitoring the whole process, observing the standards set by the Associations for such businesses and mentoring junior technicians. They are held responsible for everything that will happen in the facility that they are placed in-charge of. One defining factor of a ones annual wage is the certification. In other words, certified technicians always get a higher pay than those who are not certified. Unlike other job titles, this one is based on acquired skills. The variations in wages serve as a proof that experienced and skilled workers are favored with the quantum jump in their pay. This goes to say that this particular work field does not believe that a mere certificate is enough to gauge the skill and talent of a person. Should an individual’s income package increase, it is because of his or her extra effort and hard work to abide by the rules of oral health and care. In that way, the technicians are encouraged to acquire additional knowledge and gain more experience to perform such skilled technician duties.

Truley experience and ones qualifications are a dental technician’s armor in order to climb up the pay scale.  The most recent figures have the following general yardstick. Almost half of the average dental assistant salary population is currently earning around $29,785 to $36,564 dollars a year. The top ten percent of this population is lucky to earn over $39,400 dollars a year. Their hourly rates start at $11.55 to $20 dollars. As mentioned earlier, the pay increases as one gains more knowledge and hands-on experience in the field. Some other factors that define income is the cost of living in a particular state, job opportunities available for the taking and local factors. Here is a list of the average salaries in some of the states in the US. California has a per hourly rate of 12.96 dollars, New York at 14.92 dollars, Illinois at 14.86 dollars, Pennsylvania at 13.13 dollars, Georgia has 14.66 dollars, Ohio at 13.27 dollars and Virginia has 14.49 dollars. The salary also varies by city. Las Vegas pays 15.49 dollars, Chicago is at 14.59 dollars, Atlanta at 14.93 dollars, Tulsa at 13.74 dollars, Houston at 12.33 dollars and Charlotte pays 16.42 dollars. Keep in mind that these are median hourly rates paid, and can fluctuate both up and down.


To be able to work in this industry, a person must complete the dental lab technician training. There was a time when you could receive their training while working. They were not asked to pursue or complete any course to acquire the proper knowledge and skill for the job. However, innovations on this field now require them to finish a certain program or course to be able to work. Establishments that are focused on this field also prefer individuals who have undergone formal training over those who are non-qualified. The American Dental Association is the head organization for all the things connected to dentistry. This organization is now conducting at least 30 dental laboratory programs and courses all around the US. The certification is offered by the National Association of Dental Laboratories. Some of the top dental assistant schools in the country are Central Career School, Ultimate Medical Academy and Vancouver Career College. All of them strive to create a world of opportunity for those who want to be dental technicians. They provide top-notch education and training programs to assist people in starting a career in the fast-growing health care industry.

Job Description

A general job description is that they manufacture dental prosthetics such as crowns, bridges and dentures according to the instructions of a dentist. The job title involves working with orthodontic appliances, complete dentures, partial dentures, ceramics and others. To sum it all up, a day in a dental technician’s life include creating a model of a patient’s mouth with the use of plaster, examining the model and taking note of important details such as the patient’s bite, surrounding teeth and gum line. It is also their task to mold a wax model of the patient’s teeth and form ‘teeth’ from porcelain with the help of a prepared metal framework. They should also adjust the color and shape of the teeth before placing it in a porcelain furnace for baking.