Expected Yearly Firefighter Salary

Firefighters are expected to be physically fit and emotionally stable to perform their daily duties well. They help protect mankind by extinguishing and preventing fires. The mean annual income for this job is determined by several factors. The geographic location of an individual can cause a disparity in the firefighter salary. For example, the entry level income in New York is $39,370 in a year. This amount does not include overtime, holiday pay and other differentials. If these things are added to the base pay, the estimate total of a firefighter’s salary is $43,074 per annum. Work experience is also a big factor in one’s yearly income as a firefighter. Those who have 1 year of work experience in New York are paid $49,470 on average while the ones with 2 years behind them earn $53,881. Laborers for 3 years have a mean annual wage of $59,629 while those with 4 years of experience can see as much as $65,331. (The above mentioned figures include an overall average for all firefighter positions)

Another great thing about this career is that it offers various areas of improvement. A worker’s performance will regularly be assessed by his or her supervisor and other authorized personnel. If he or she meets the requirements for promotion, then that’s another notch up his or her annual pay. For example, someone who gets promoted to lieutenant has a yearly pay check of $55,848 while a captain earns $65,163. A battalion chief, on the other hand, has a medial annual pay of $75,281. These rates are all based on the New York wage chart for firefighters. Other states do have varying pay rates than the ones stated above. (The following figures are Averaging in all Firefighter salary rates for the State Mentioned) The average firefighter salary in California is $62,000 per annum while workers in Alaska make $47,000. Arizona laborers have a yearly pay check of $50,000 while those residing in Utah receive $53,000. Firefighters in Alabama have a mean annual wage of $61,000 while the ones living in South Carolina earn $51,000. The average firefighter salary in Virginia is $58,000 while in Maine it is $55,000 in a year. Colorado workers make a mean income of $51,000 in a year while those who are located in North Dakota receive $55,000.

There are many different areas of specialization in this field. A forest firefighter is someone puts a stop to forest fires. He or she is trained to work with an ax, chainsaw, water pumps and any other equipment that can beat down forest fires. It is also this person’s responsibility to monitor the area to prevent the possibility or restarting a fire. The entry level forest firefighter salary in the United States is around $20,083 to $26,112 in a year. The overtime rate for these professionals is at $15.69 to $20.40 per hour. The average working hours of a forest firefighter is 40 hours in a week. Once they go over that, they will be paid the due overtime pay. Majority of the fire companies grant their employees a hazard pay as well. This is usually 25 percent more than the base income of a laborer. Based on the records of the United States Department of Agriculture, firefighters are expected to work for 600 hours or more during fire season. You will never get bored in this job as there are various areas of advancements that you can venture into. For example, you can train to work as a smoke jumper or become a member of an elite Hot Shot Crew. To land a position with these job titles will surely improve your basic annual pay as a firefighter. However, you will need to complete a special training first.

Wildfire firefighters are those who work hard to suppress fires at the outdoors. They are trained to perform the duties of an engine operator and maintain the necessary equipment in good working condition. The mean wildfire firefighter salary in the country is currently at $35,000 a year. However, this amount may either increase or decrease depending on the worker’s location, experience, employer and educational attainment. The company benefits that he or she receives will also vary on his or her employer. For one, working for a company-owned establishment will merit you a good retirement system. All government workers are privileged to have a health benefit plan and the great thing about it is that it continues even after you retire. The vacation days enjoyed by wildfire firefighters are subjected to the number of their employment years. A firefighter paramedic, on the other hand, is the one in-charge of the first-aid needs of these professionals. They function as firefighters and at the same time paramedics in their time of duty. As of May 2009, the average firefighter paramedic salary in the United States is $47,270 per annum. But due to common variables, the firefighter pay scale ranges from $22,990 to $74,390.

Due to the demands of their strenuous work, firefighter paramedics are paid higher if they have a certificate from an accrediting firm. They also earn the right to demand higher pay if they are certified. Their employer has a major role to play in their annual base income. Those who work in government-owned establishments make an average of $47,860 in a year while the ones who are hired by the federal executive branch are paid $48,150. Individuals who have passed two of the three levels of the EMT certification have a mean salary of $42,000 in a year. Not everyone is fit to become a firefighter. You will undergo intensive training that includes numerous drills and simulations. These are all designed to turn firefighter-worthy students into dependable professionals that will combat fire and protect the civilians. Majority of the firefighting vocational training sessions are done inside the classroom. A formal coursework for this field is consisted of lectures and presentations as well as physical activities. Some of the subjects that are included here are live fire training, wild-land firefighting, department protocols and a lot more. The standard requirements needed for someone to apply as a firefighter are as follows: you must be 18 years of age, have a clean criminal record, a high school diploma and a perfect 20/20 vision. If you do meet these requirements, then you may enroll in any school that provides formal firefighting training. The Greater St. Louis County Fire Academy is one of the most popular non-profit institutions in this industry. This is currently located in Missouri and offers three new recruit firefighter classes per year.