HVAC Salary in Delaware

An HVAC technician is someone who is trained to install and maintain heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. These systems are important as they allow people to have a comfortable and climate controlled environment. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual HVAC salary in Delaware is $40,000, comparable to the average hvac salary in FL. But as HVAC technicians can specialize in a specific sector, their salary varies from each other. To illustrate further, here are the different job titles related to this field and their corresponding yearly rates. An HVAC controls technician in DE earns $54,000 in a year while a commercial service technician receives as high as $99,000. An HVAC refrigeration technician has a yearly pay check of $40,000 while an HVAC service technician gets $45,000. Commercial HVAC service technicians working in the same state can make around $46,000 while HVAC maintenance technicians earn $40,000. A building automation controls technician, on the other hand, has a median annual wage of $56,000.

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Furthermore, a commercial HVAC technician makes $43,000 per annum while an HVAC R technician gets around $47,000. Someone who is working as an HVAC residential service technician in DE is paid $69,000 in a year while a commercial refrigeration technician receives $53,000. An individual’s work experience is another major determinant of the HVAC salary in Delaware. The entry-level rate is around $29,479 per annum. Those who have 1 to 4 years to back them up are paid $21,279 in a year while the ones who have 5 to 9 years earn $26,235. HVAC technicians who have been in the industry for 10 to 19 years have a median annual wage of $29,477 while those who have 20 years or more receive $39,093. The size of the company can also influence the average pay for this profession. Big companies that have 600 or more employees pay around $42,115 to $61,147 in a year. Small companies, on the other hand, that have a head count of 9 or less have a salary range of $24,266 to $58,533 per annum.

Another factor that can affect the HVAC salary in DE is geographic location. Based on the salary survey conducted by the BLS, metropolitan areas have higher pay rates than non-metropolitan areas. Also, the cost of living and employment rate are used as bases for the calculation. Employers also prefer to hire HVAC candidates who have completed a formal training in the field. Securing a certificate is one way for these workers to improve their yearly salary. The job outlook for HVAC technicians residing in Delaware is overall excellent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that there will be a 28 percent increase in the demand all throughout year 2018. Job openings will be available in different industries including Motor Vehicle Manufacturing, Navigational Measuring, Electromedical and Control Instruments Manufacturing, etc. The employment growth is due to the development of more energy-efficient technology.

Individuals who are seeking to enter this field are strongly encouraged to complete a certificate course in any of the accredited technical schools in Delaware. This usually takes around two years to as little as about a year to finish. One of the highly recommended schools in this state is the Delaware Skills Center. This is located in 13 & Clifford Brown Walk in Wilmington. It provides financial aid to its students who want to enter the field of heating, ventilation and air-condition. However, interested parties must contact the school directly to get any kind of assistance. The Delaware Technical and Community College in Newark also offers a 2 year program course in HVAC. It grants a diploma to anyone who completes the said training. Its coursework is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience. The school aims to provide top-notch education to anyone who aspires to become a successful HVAC technician. Both of these institutions are duly accredited and administer EPA exams. They are also guaranteed to provide a comprehensive training in the field that will help anyone easily land a job.