Annual Earning For HVAC Tech In Georgia

HVAC technicians are highly trained professionals that maintain and repair heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. They also install new units or replace parts of existing units in accordance to the specifications and safety guidelines. Based on the salary survey conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of an HVAC technician in Georgia is $43,000. However, this amount may vary due to some factors. Geographic location, type of employer and work experience are three of the things that can influence the pay for this profession. One of the major determinants of the HVAC salary in Georgia is an individual’s area of specialization. To illustrate further, here are some of the different job titles related to the field and their respective salaries. An HVAC controls technician is paid an average of $58,000 in a year while a commercial service technician earns as high as $108,000. An HVAC refrigeration technician can make around $44,000 per annum while an HVAC service technician receives $49,000. Want to know how the salary of an HVAC technician in CA compares to that of Georgia? Compare HVAC salaries by state.

An HVAC maintenance technician in GA, on the other hand, has a yearly pay check of $43,000. Someone working as a commercial HVAC service technician earns $50,000 each year while a building automation controls technician gets $61,000. Those who are hired as HVAC R technicians in this state can make around $50,000 annually while the ones employed as HVAC residential service technicians receive $75,000. Individuals who work as commercial refrigeration technicians have a median annual wage of $57,000. As mentioned earlier, the type of industry is a major determinant of the HVAC salary in Georgia. For example, a heating and cooling systems company has an hourly rate of $12.18 to $27.92 while a mechanical contractor pays $15.32 to $32.63. The salary range of heating and cooling systems contractors is $11.34 to $27.72 per hour while plumbing and heating companies pay $13.23 to $28.72. Oil and gas companies, on the other hand, have an hourly rate of $13.64 to $26.39. Two of the most popular employers in the industry are Johnson Controls Inc. and Sears Holdings Corporation.

Based on the survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more men working as HVAC technicians than women. The scale is 9 men out of 10 employees. The gender of an employee is also a determining factor of the average yearly salary that he or she is entitled to. A female worker has a salary range of $15.82 to $24.72 per hour while a male worker receives $15.05 to $23.44. HVAC technicians are also privileged to a number of health benefits. Most employers provide their workers with medical, dental and vision insurances. Medical insurances comprise around 69 percent of the benefits while dental insurances amount to 42 percent. However, this will depend on the employer and the type of industry. The job outlook for this career in Georgia is overall very promising. The BLS has predicted that the employment rate will increase by 9 percent from year 2008 to 2018.

Since this career offers a stable source of income to those who pursue it, more and more people are becoming interested in becoming an HVAC technician. This is not a difficult thing to do since there are numerous technical schools in Georgia. One of the most popular institutions in this state is the Chattahoochee Technical College. It is said to be the largest technical college in this area and it grants a certificate to those who complete its air-conditioning technology programs. It is located in 980 South Cobb Drive S.E. in Marietta. Interested parties are encouraged to call 770-528-4545 and a school representative will be of assistance. Another excellent option is the Central Georgia Technical College. This is situated 85 miles south of Atlanta and offers a 2 year course in construction trades, business technology, etc. The school provides a certificate to the graduates of its HVAC training programs. Its exact location is 3300 Macon Tech Drive in Macon. For further inquiries, anyone is free to call the school’s hotline which is 478-757-3400.