HVAC Average Income For State of Idaho

An HVAC technician is a highly trained worker in the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning industry. He or she is in-charge of installing, maintaining and even designing heating, ventilation and air conditioning units or systems. The salary for this profession varies from different areas in the country. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median HVAC salary in Idaho is $37,000. However, the income in this state is influenced by a number of factors.  One of the major determinants of the HVAC salary in Idaho is geographic location. Each city and region has a different rate from that of their neighboring areas. For example, the city of Caldwell has a pay rate of $18,720 per year while Garden City is at $20,800. These figures are based on the database of around 9,814 HVAC mechanic candidates. Compare against other employed hvac technicians in Florida, CA and TX.

Another factor that affects the salary of this profession in ID is the level of education of an individual. Workers who pursue further knowledge in this field earn differently from their colleagues. To illustrate further, here are some of the job titles in the industry of HVAC and their matching yearly rates. An HVAC controls technician earns around $49,000 in a year while a commercial service technician enjoys a high pay of 91,000. Those who are employed as HVAC refrigeration technician make at least $39,000 per annum while the ones who work as HVAC service technicians in ID receive $41,000. HVAC maintenance technicians in this state are paid $36,000 annually while commercial HVAC service technicians get $42,000. A building automation controls technician earns $51,000 while a commercial HVAC technician receives $39,000 each year. There are also careers for hvac specializing in the automobile technician career field.  Those who have the job title of an HVAC R technician in Idaho have a yearly pay check of $43,000 while the ones called wind turbine technicians get $37,000. Furthermore, an HVAC residential service technician has a median annual salary of $63,000 while a commercial refrigeration technician earns $48,000.

Certification is also a major determinant of the HVAC salary in ID. The entry level income for non-certified employees is around $25,000 while the certified workers have a salary range of $30,000 to $55,000 each year. Certified technicians are the ones who earned an associate’s degree in the field of HVAC. People who work as HVAC engineers have a yearly salary of $72,000 and their job includes figuring load calculations and suggesting equipment for the project. Those who are in HVAC sales are said to have a median income of approximately $100,000. However, positions in this particular area require sales aptitude and more work experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for HVAC technicians in Idaho is very excellent. They have predicted that the employment rate will increase by 9 percent come year 2018. This means that there will be numerous job offerings for individuals who have completed a formal course in the HVAC industry. Employers in this state highly prefer applicants who have received such training than those who did not.

Becoming an HVAC technician in this state can easily be achieved. Formal courses in this field are accessible through several technical schools in Idaho. But if an individual cannot be in a classroom on a particular schedule, then it’s best that he or she enrolls in an online school. One of the top-notch HVAC institutions in this area is the BSU/L.G. Selland College of Applied Tech Programs. It is located in 2407 Caldwell Boulevard in Nampa. Graduates of its air conditioning, electrical and heating courses are provided with a certificate. Anyone is free to call the school at this number: 208-385-4720. Another great option to receive a formal training in this field is the College of Southern Idaho. This is situated in 315 Falls Avenue in Twin Falls. It offers courses in air conditioning, heating, plumbing, refrigeration and welding. To earn a technical certificate, one is required to complete an 11-month program while an associate’s degree needs 24 months of commitment. For further inquiries, interested parties may reach them at 208-732-6300 or visit their website: www.csi.edu.