HVAC Income for Technicians in Illinois

An HVAC technician is a tech that is highly trained to install HVAC units such as electronic and mechanical components. He or she is also in charge of troubleshooting and repairing HVAC units and fuel and water supply lines. The yearly income for this profession is affected by a number of factors. One of the major determinants for the salary is the geographic location of the individual. This means that each state in the country may have a different pay rate for the said career. According to the United States BLS, the average yearly HVAC salary in Illinois is around $45,000. This amount may also vary, depending on the area in the state. Metropolitan areas are said to have higher pay rates compared to non-metropolitan areas. Based on the wage chart provided by the BLS, the highest 90 percent of HVAC technicians in the state earn an average of $50,260 in a year while the lowest 10 percent receives $18,200. Similar state salaries include hvac technicians in Florida as well as pay for hvac technicians in CA and Arizona.

Another factor that influences the HVAC salary in Illinois is educational attainment. There are many areas of specialization in this field. Those who pursue any one of them are paid higher than the others. For example, a biohazard remediation technician has a median annual wage of $42,000 while an HVAC controls technician is paid $59,000. A commercial service technician in IL makes as high as $110,000 in a year while an HVAC refrigeration technician is paid $47,000. An individual who has the job title of an HVAC service technician earns $50,000 per annum while an HVAC maintenance technician gets $44,000 on average. Those who are employed as commercial HVAC service technicians have a yearly pay check of $52,000 while the ones who work as building automation controls technicians receive $62,000. A commercial HVAC technician earns around $48,000 in a year while an HVAC R technician gets $52,000. Furthermore, a wind turbine technician in IL makes $44,000 while an HVAC residential service technician enjoys an average yearly income of $76,000. A commercial refrigeration technician, on the other hand, has a median annual wage of $59,000.

Having a certificate also boosts up an HVAC technician’s salary in IL. Those who have a certificate or a diploma are given higher salaries than their colleagues. Another major determinant of the HVAC salary in Illinois is geographic location. The base pay in the city of Chicago is around $20 to $30 per hour. Naperville is said to have a median annual pay of $15,000 for their full-time service technicians while those who are assigned in the information technology department receive around $80,000. Of course, the rates also depend on the company that they work for. Peoria has an hourly rate of $12 for part-time field inventory representatives while senior process engineers earn as high as $95,000 in a year. Elk Grove Village, on the other hand, pays their refrigeration technicians a rate of $22 to $25 per hour. With regards to the job outlook for this career, the BLS has predicted that it will be quite promising in the next few years. The employment rate is expected to increase at least 9 percent in the state of Illinois.

To become an HVAC technician is one of the most stable careers in the industry. In addition, it is easy to get a formal training in the field. There are numerous technical schools in Illinois that provide excellent education when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning courses. One of the most popular institutions is the Environmental Technical Institute. It has campuses in Blue Island and Itasca. This school provides hands-on training from the experts in the industry. Its programs include courses in Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology and Welding Technology. Graduates of this institute are provided with a certificate or an associate’s degree. The Vatterott College has campuses all over the state of IL. It is situated in North Park, Saint Charles, Quincy and Sunset Hills. Those who complete the school’s program in Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are given a certificate for the course.