Average HVAC Salary In Maryland

The type of industry that an HVAC technician works for define his or her daily responsibilities. For example, those who work for the service replacement segments deal with homeowners and small businesses. The ones who are hired in new construction segments have customers from buildings and general construction companies. The type of industry that these professionals work for helps determine the HVAC salary in Maryland and across the nation. In this industry, bigger clients mean higher pay rates. That’s why HVAC technicians hired in new construction segments earn higher pay checks than those in the service replacement segments. The geographic locality of a worker affects his or her annual pay. Those who are employed in the city of Baltimore earn a mean wage of $42,221 annually with the upper quarter receiving $53,830 and the lower quarter makes $30,951. Two of the things that are used as bases in calculating the income for each city are its cost of living and employment rate for HVAC techs.

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The job description of a worker is another factor that can influence the HVAC salary in Maryland. The base pay of a master HVAC technician is $53,000 per year. A maintenance manager services is paid $56,000 on average while a plumber housing receives $47,000. The mean income of a maintenance repairer is $31,000 while that of a fleet technician earns $52,000 every year. An electrical systems technician in MD has a yearly pay check of $54,000 while an HVAC maintenance technician receives $41,000. The average yearly pay of a drafting technician is around $39,000 every year while that of an operating engineer is $59,000. Someone who is working as a service dispatcher in this area earns $33,000 per annum while a senior HVAC technician makes $48,000 on average. The mean wage of a building maintenance technician is $30,000 in a year while that of a supervisory facility operations specialist in MD is $79,000.

Work experience is another basis for calculating the base HVAC salary in MD. Those who have one to four years of experience have a salary range of $27,975 to $41,227. Wage earners with ten to nineteen years of rendered service earn an average base pay of $54,938 per annum. HVAC technicians, HVAC mechanics and HVAC installation technicians have different pay rates. The entry-level annual stipend for the following job titles are as follows: $26, 915, $27,219 and $32,418 respectively. As predicted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for HVAC technicians nationwide will increase by 28 percent from 2008 to 2018. This means that pursuing a career in this field is very favorable in the next years. The BLS also noted that the job opportunities for HVAC technicians in MD are 2 percent higher than the job opportunities posted nationwide, including opportunities in other technical trades such as home inspectors. If this trend continues, then that means that the HVAC industry will be one of the biggest fields in the United States. Other factors that influence the yearly stipend of an HVAC technician are the employer and educational attainment.

If you’re looking for a technical school in Maryland that offers a comprehensive HVAC technology coursework, then you should check out the All State Career. This institute has various training programs that range from the trucking industry to the HVAC industry. However, the latter is only offered in the city of Baltimore. It also has a training program in Electrical Systems and a class A CDL Advanced Tractor Trailer Driving. The Montgomery College is another school in MD that aims to offer a variety of approaches to produce well-trained HVAC technicians and professionals. This is located at 40 West Gude Drive, Suite 220 in Rockville with the contact number of 240-567-5000. It has a certificate program in HVAC technology that is consisted of 22 credit hours and six courses. Some of the topics discussed in this coursework focus on the fundamentals of refrigeration, electricity and technician development. The school also offers advanced studies in HVAC technology that can merit the students an associate’s degree in carpentry courses, electrical-wiring programs, etc.