Amount of Money HVAC Technicians Make in Alaska

An HVAC technician is someone who is well-trained to work with tools that are used in air conditioning and furnace systems. He or she also deals with issues concerning compressors, pumps and thermostats. The geographic location of a laborer in this industry influences the HVAC salary in Alaska. Taking all aspects of the hvac career into account, the median annual income here is around $35,000 per year. This is a bit lower than hvac techs earn in Florida at $40k and even lower than the national average of $42k per year. Those who live in Anchorage receive an annual pay of $53,910 with the upper quartile making $67,007 and the lower quartile gets $41,705. A technician who is a resident of Fairbanks earns an average of $54,125 per annum with the highest 25th sector making $67,274 and the lowest 25th sector receives $41,872. HVAC technicians who are located in Juneau have a mean annual wage of $54,604. The upper quartile of its laborers has a yearly pay check of $67,869 while the lower quartile earns $42,242 on average. Metropolitan areas have different pay rates with non-metropolitan ones too.

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The job title of a worker can also influence the HVAC salary in Alaska. For example, an HVAC service technician has a yearly pay check of $41,000 while a biohazard remediation technician gets $33,000. The average earning of a commercial service technician residing in AK receives $89,000 every year while an HVAC R service technician is paid $36,000. An individual who is employed as a Bas technician makes an average of $53,000 per annum while a residential HVAC service technician earnings are $39,000. A refrigeration technician who works in Delhaize America has a mean annual income of $38,000 while someone called an HVAC controls technician earns $45,000. The medial pay rate of a senior HVAC technician in AK is around $39,000 while that of a commercial HVAC service technician is $44,000. Those who work as a refrigeration service technician have a yearly pay check of $37,000 while the ones hired as an HVAC maintenance technician make $33,000. A building automation controls technician is paid $48,000 per annum while a commercial HVAC service technician gets $44,000.

Work experience, type of industry and level of education are also determining factors of the HVAC salary in AK. In fact, these things may either increase or decrease the yearly pay check of a wage earner. Those who have less than one year of work experience have a mean annual income of $40,880 while the ones who have one to four years behind them get $44,910. Laborers who have rendered their service for five to nine years receive $51,520 in a year while those who did for ten to nineteen years are paid $65,830 on average. The mean annual wage of a senior HVAC technician in this state is around $97,000. The entry level salary for applicants in this field is $19.65 per hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also stated that the job openings for HVAC technicians in AL is 18 percent lower than the job openings nationwide. However, the employment rate may change in the next few years as more buildings and structures are built in this area.

Aspiring HVAC technicians in this state should not worry about getting the proper training that they need. This is because there are numerous school options in this area that provide the necessary education for this career. Here are some detailed profiles of the technical schools in Alaska and the programs that they offer. The Alaska Vocational Technical Center currently houses 603 students and offers a 2-year coursework in HVAC technology. This is located in 809 Second Avenue in Seward with the contact number of 907-224-3322. More findings about the school can also be found in their dedicated website which is The University of Alaska Anchorage is also a top-notch school when it comes to HVAC training. The highest degree offered in this institution is a Master’s degree which takes more than 4 years to complete. This is a public school located at 3211 Providence Drive in Anchorage. The best way to contact the school is to call them at this number: 907-786-1800. The school has also posted more information about its programs in their website: