Medical Assistant Wages In Hawaii

A medical assistant is assigned to perform a variety of administrative and clinical duties. He or she is in-charge of registration and maintenance of the patients’ medical records. It is also his or her job to get daily observations of a patient’s condition and update a doctor if he or she notices any change that needs immediate attention. The average salary of a medical assistant is dependent on a number of factors. Some of the major determinants include geographic location, type of employer, work experience and educational attainment. According to the American Association of Medical Assistants members, the average annual medical assistant salary in Hawaii is around $31,833. This means that they earn at least $16.45 per hour. Majority of the cities located in the Pacific region have a similar rate as that of Hawaii. Comparing the amount to the declared national average, or the average medical assistant salary by state, which is $31,210, the pay rate in these areas are higher by $623 in a year. Compare national average or compare Hawaii pay rates to medical assistant salary in FL.

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As mentioned earlier, the level of education of a candidate will affect his or her yearly pay. The ones who pursued a specialization in a certain sub-field of medical assisting have a different rate than those who did not. To illustrate further, here are some of the related job titles to medical assisting and their matching yearly pay. A physical therapy assistant working in HI receives around $48,000 each year while a medical administrative assistant can get $22,000. A nurse practitioner physician assistant has an annual wage of $78,000 while a physician assistant earns $69,000 in a year. Someone who is hired as a medical support assistant gets paid around $29,000 while an assistant director has an average of $27,000 every year. Aside from the basic pay that medical assistants receive, they are also entitled to take advantage of some benefits. This will depend on their employer and the type of industry that they work for. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most of the medical assistants residing in HI are employed in private health care centers such as a doctor’s office.

Another factor that can influence the salary of a medical assistant is work experience. The longer that he or she stays in the industry, the bigger amount of salary that he or she will receive. The entry-level salary for this profession in Hawaii is $11,440. Individuals who have 1 to 4 years of work experience can earn $28,200 in a year while those who have 5 to 9 years behind them receive $30,779. Those who have been working as a medical assistant for 10 to 19 years can get a yearly pay check of $31,015 while the ones who have 20 years or more of work experience enjoys a yearly salary of $35,596. Although this profession is not as high paying as that of the other careers in the medical field, those who have such job title can attest that it is fulfilling and stable. In addition, the job opportunities are excellent and easy to find.

This profession is for individuals who love working with people. Being a medical assistant entails an individual to entertain and greet the patients. It is also their duty to prepare the patients for any medical examination. The main job requirement for this profession is a certificate or diploma in medical assisting. Interested parties can enroll in any accredited school and obtain an associate’s degree upon completion. There are a number of schools and universities in Hawaii that offers a training program for medical assisting. One of the most popular technical schools in this state is Heald College. This is located in the city of Honolulu and has been accredited by the CAAHEP. Its medical assisting program provides a diploma to its graduates. Another technical school in HI is Remington College. This is also situated in Honolulu and it offers a Clinical Medical Assisting program to those who want to be a medical assistant. All of the schools that have this training program aim to prepare their students for the various responsibilities of the profession. Most of them also provide financial aids and scholarship plans to those who cannot afford to pay the tuition.