Medical Assistant Salary in Kentucky

Medical assistants play an important role in the medical team. Their daily tasks include taking blood pressure readings and preparing patients for examinations and tests. They usually work in hospitals and outpatient care centers but majority are hired in physicians’ or doctors’ offices. The salary is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to any career. Although the pay rate of a medical assistant is not as high as the other careers in the medical field, it is relatively fair and above the national average for most jobs. Based on the wage chart provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual medical assistant salary in Kentucky is $29,600. This is $150 higher than the declared national average for the profession. However, this amount may vary from city to city and region to region in KY. After all, geographic location is one of the major salary determinants for this career. Compare Kentucky rates with pay rates of medical assistants in CA.

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As of year 2009, the hourly rate for medical assistants in this state is $14.20. The middle 50 percent have an average yearly pay that ranges from $27,000 to $32,400. The highest 10 percent earn around $34,900 while the lowest 10 percent receive $24,800 in a year. Certain cities in KY also have higher rates than that of the statewide average. For example, Louisville has a median annual wage of $28,250 for its medical assistants. The middle 50 percent have a salary range of $25,800 to $30,900. Those who belong in the lowest 10 percentile have a yearly pay check of $23,600 while the ones in the highest 10 receive $33,200. The western part of the state has a median annual wage of $25,787. This amount is about 4 to 9 percent lower than the statewide average. The counties of Mayfield, Murray and Paducah pay their medical assistants a yearly rate of $24,702. According to the BLS, Glasgow and Bowling Green are two of the lowest paying areas in the entire state.

The northern and eastern regions of KY have a median annual wage of $27,302. This information is according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. The areas of Ashland, Morehead and Maysville pay their medical assistants a yearly rate of $25,137 while Jackson, Harlan and their surrounding areas have a median salary of $24,000 each year. The central part of this state pays an average annual salary of $28,240. This includes the areas of Lexington, Frankfort and Shelbyville. Campbellsville, Russell Springs and Monticello also have relatively low rates for their medical assistants. Individuals who have this job title in these areas are paid $24,136 every year. The job outlook for this profession in Kentucky is said to fruitful in the coming years. The BLS has predicted that there will be at least 10 percent increase in the employment rate. Jobs will be opening in various health care centers including hospitals and outpatient care departments. The BLS also said that if an applicant seeks to earn a higher pay than that of his or her colleagues, then it’s best to pursue a specialization related to the field.

Earning a degree for this career is not such a difficult task. After all, there are around 10 accredited technical schools in Kentucky that offers medical assisting courses. Most of these institutions also provide scholarship programs and financial assistance to their students. National medical assistant societies such as the American Association of Medical Assistants are more than willing to provide this kind of support to aspiring medical assistants. One of the schools that have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs or CAAHEP is the Bluegrass Community and Technical College. This is located in Lexington and it provides a diploma to those who complete its medical assistant program. Another technical school that is highly recommended in this state is Daymar College. It has a campus in Bowling Green and in Owensboro. This school offers an associate’s degree to its graduates. Their medical assistant program lasts for around 2 years and it includes both classroom and hand-on training.