Medical Assistant Gross Income in Minnesota

A medical assistant is someone who is in-charge of preparing treatment rooms and maintaining its cleanliness. They are the ones who greet visitors and interview patients to gather necessary medical information. It is also their assignment to keep the patients’ records up-to-date and properly filed. One of the most controversial topics about this profession is its salary. Many people refer to it as a modest medical job as its salary is not as high as that of the other careers in the industry. Based on the report made by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual medical assistant salary in Minnesota is $42,900. This is significantly higher than the declared national average which is $29,450. The middle 50 percent of medical office assistants residing in MD have a salary range of $33,000 to $56,800. The lowest 10 percentile receive a median annual wage of $28,900 while the highest 10 percentile get $78,000.

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The average medical assistant salary in MN is considered to be one of the highest rates for this profession in the entire country. However, there are factors that can cause variations to this amount. That is the reason why each city and region in this state has a different annual average. One of the major determinants of this profession’s salary is geographic location. Individuals who are working as medical office assistants in Moorhead have an average annual wage of $34,200. The ones in St. Cloud are paid $36,500 per annum while those who are located in Duluth earn around $39,600. The areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul have a yearly pay rate of $44,100 while medical assistants in Rochester receive $49,700 annually. Other than the basic pay that they have each year, these employees are also entitled to enjoy some benefits. Those who are working full time can take advantage of full benefit packages for dental and health insurances. Some are also lucky to be granted paid vacations and holidays. However, this will depend on the workplace or industry that they work for. This is another considerable determinant of a medical assistant’s salary in Minnesota.

Another major factor that can affect the average pay for this profession is the educational attainment of a candidate. Medical assistants have the option to pursue further knowledge and skill in this field. A certificate in any of the sub-fields of this course is one way for these workers to improve their average pay. A certified nursing assistant in MN can earn around $34,000 in a year while a physician assistant receives $86,000. An instructor medical assistant, on the other hand, has a yearly pay check of $48,000. A certified nursing assistant working in a correctional facility can make $26,000 annually while an Ltc CNA gets $32,000. According to BLS, the job outlook for this profession in Minnesota is quite promising. There will be a rapid increase in the employment rate until 2018. This makes it the perfect time for students to do great in their medical assistant training. Having excellent credentials will put them ahead of their competitors.

So for those who would want to pursue a career in medical assisting, they should enroll in at least one of the accredited technical schools in MN. Employers highly seek applicants who have completed a 2-year associate degree program that is provided by a number of schools in this state. One of the most sought after institutions is the School of Business at Moorhead. Its medical assistant program includes general classes and courses like hematology, radiology and patient care. It has been duly accredited by the CAAHEP and it also provides clinical experience to its students. The school aims to prepare its graduates for the examination administered by the American Association of Medical Assistants. Another technical school in Minnesota that is highly recommended by the AAMA is Herzing University. This is located in Crystal and it has also received its accreditation from CAAHEP. The school grants a diploma and an associate’s degree to those who complete its medical assistant program.