Gross Annual Income For Medical Assistant In Ohio

A medical assistant plays a vital part in the medical team. This individual performs a variety of tasks which includes scheduling of appointments, recording medical files and bills and getting vital signs from patients. It is also his or her duty to prepare treatment rooms for a patient’s medical examination. The salary for this career greatly varies from city to city and region to region. This is because the geographic location of an individual can influence his or her yearly income.

The cost of living and employment rate in each city and region are also used as bases in calculating the pay rate of medical assistants. For example, those who are hired in the southern non-metropolitan region of Ohio have a median annual wage of $24,270. The ones who are employed in the city of Columbus make around $28,370 in a year while workers in Toledo enjoy a relatively high pay check of $30,080. In fact, Toledo is said to be the highest-paying city in the entire state. Compare to medical assistant salaries in KS, CA, TX and LA.

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual medical assistant salary in Ohio is $27,370. Both Columbus and Toledo have a higher pay rate for the said profession than the statewide average. One of the reasons behind this is that these cities have a relatively high employment rate as compared to their neighboring areas. Based on the statewide average of OH, one can conclude that the medical assistants in this area have an hourly rate of around $14.25. Another key factor that can influence the salary of a medical assistant in this state is work experience. Similar to other professions, individuals who have more experience in medical assisting are paid better than their colleagues. Those who have less than one year in the industry have an average annual pay of $27,000 while the ones who have rendered their service for around 5 to 9 years receive a $30,779. Senior medical assistants who have 20 years or more behind them can make as high as $35,596 in a year.

The type of industry that an individual works for can also affect his or her medical assistant salary in Ohio. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, majority of these professionals are hired in doctors’ or physicians’ offices. These workers earn an average pay of $29,810 each year. Medical assistants who pursue further knowledge and skill in the field and land a job in a dentist’s office can make around $35,920 each year. The BLS noted that one of the highest paying employers in the industry is a psychiatric and substance abuse hospital. Those who get lucky to get a position in this workplace are paid an average of $46,430 per annum. This information also proves that the level of education of a medical assistant can affect his or her salary. Furthermore, a travel physical assistant in OH earns $79,000 in a year while a pharmacy technician in training gets $27,000. A medical administrative assistant receives $27,000 per annum while a nurse practitioner physician assistant earns $96,000. A medical and healthcare assistant has a yearly pay check of $68,000 while a nursing assistant earns an average of $32,000.

There are no formal job requirements for a medical assistant. A high school diploma or an equivalent of this is sufficient enough to help anyone land a position in this field. But as the years go by, employers seek applicants who have obtained an associate’s degree, a certificate or a diploma in medical assisting. Those who have a specialization are much favored by hospitals and other health care centers. The topics that are included in a medical assisting program are physiology, biology, chemistry, anatomy, medical terminology and a lot more. The training program usually lasts for around 6 to 24 months. One of the most popular technical schools in Ohio is the American School of Technology. This is located in Columbus and it offers a medical assisting program that grants a certificate to those who complete it. It also provides financial assistance to students who have difficulty in paying the tuition. Another technical school that offers this kind of program is the National College which has campuses in Youngstown, Cleveland, Parkersburg and Columbus. This institution offers medical office assistant and medical assisting courses.