Pay Scale For Medical Assistant In Vermont

Medical assistants are usually assigned a variety of administrative and clinical assignments. Their daily tasks are determined by their office type, placement and size of company. The mean medical assistant salary in Vermont is $45,000 annually. One of the most important factors that can make difference in the pay rate for this job is a person’s area of specialization . Vermont has had an increase in overall employment in recent years and employers are looking for certified technicians in various fields. A certified occupational therapist assistant makes a mean income of $68,000 every year while a nursing assistant receives $31,000. Those who perform the duties of a medical support assistant are paid $38,000 while an occupational therapy assistant earns $64,000 on average. A physician’s assistant has a mean annual wage of $93,000 while an office administrative assistant in VT gets $36,000. The average yearly pay of a certified medical assistant is $27,000 while that of a medical office assistant is $30,000. Medical administrative assistants residing in this area are paid $27,000 annually while medical records field technicians receive $45,000.

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The geographic placement of an individual is a major determinant of the medical assistant salary in Vermont as well. Metropolitan areas that have higher costs for the basic accommodations and other expenses tend to cause higher pay rates as compared to non-metropolitan or rural areas. The city of Burlington has a median annual pay rate of $29,031 for its medical assistants. Workers who belong in the top quartile have a mean yearly wage of $34,201 while the ones in the bottom quartile receive $24,282. Moreover, those who are employed in Essex earn an average of $25,000 every year while the ones in Bennington receive $30,000. The middle annual income of medical assistants in Rutland is $25,000 while in Middlebury it is $26,000. Wage earners residing in Springfield have a yearly pay check of $26,000 while the ones located in Barre get $25,000 on average.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the median annual wage of medical assistants in Vermont is $32,140. The entry level income of first-time workers here is around $8.47 per hour, depending on their employer. Another factor that can cause a disparity in the medical assistant salary in VT is work experience. Those who have rendered their service for one to four years are paid $9.28 per hour while the ones who have five to nine years behind them receive $10.68. Ten to nineteen years in the industry can merit these health care professionals an hourly rate of $11.20. Senior medical assistants who have 20 years or more of work experience earn an average of $12.19 per hour. These health care professionals are also provided with annual bonuses and various company benefits. The annual bonus may range from $250 to $405, depending on the individual’s work experience and employer. Company benefits may include health, dental and vision insurances. They can also enjoy paid vacation weeks and educational assistance. The job opportunities for medical assistants in VT are 1 percent higher than the job opportunities nationwide. This should open up a handful of available positions for these workers.

Training to be a medical assistant is not an easy task. However, it is also attainable. With dedication and hard work, anyone can be a successful medical assistant. In addition, there are several technical schools in Vermont that will help aspiring individuals reach this goal with little difficulty. The Apollo College offers a diploma program in medical assisting that lasts for around 12 months. This coursework is especially designed to prepare its students for the essential tasks of medical assistants. It is consisted of class lectures, hands-on trainings and clinical instructions. The Apollo College has been around for 30 years now and is accredited by the CAAHEP. The ATI Career Training Center is another top-notch institution in this area. The medical assistant program offered by this school is composed of different sessions that focus on anatomy, laboratory procedures and a lot more. It also provides employment assistance to its students and is guaranteed to have some of the most experienced instructors in the field.