Average Income Of Medical Assistant In Virginia

The usual workplaces of a medical assistant include hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics. He or she is responsible for keeping the area clean and helping out in basic clinical activities. As noted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average medical assistant salary in Virginia is $45,000. A medical records field technician can make an average of $45,000 every year. A physical therapy assistant who lives in this area has a mean annual wage of $65,000 while a medical office assistant is paid $30,000. The yearly earning of a medical administrative assistant in VA is $27,000 while that of an office administrative assistant is $36,000. A certified medical assistant can earn an average of $27,000 annually while a physician’s assistant receives $93,000. An occupational therapist assistant has a yearly pay check of $69,000. However, a certified occupational therapist earns more. A medical support assistant is paid $39,000 every year while a nursing assistant receives $31,000.

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The medical assistant salary in Virginia is greatly affected by the worker’s location. This state is composed of many cities with different employment demands and living expenses. This is the reason why these places also have different pay rates for their medical assistants. Wage earners who are residing in Lynchburg have a mean annual pay of $27,518 with the upper division getting $32,418 and the lower division receives $23,016. Those who are hired in Newport News and Norfolk earn an average of $28,144 with the highest sector making $33,155 in a year and the lowest sector gets $23,540. Petersburg and Richmond employees have a median annual wage of $29,400 with the upper division earning $34,635 and the lower division receives $24,590. Those who are situated in the city of Roanoke have a yearly pay check of $26,826 with the upper sector making $31,602 and the lower sector receives $22,437 on average.

Furthermore, the ones who make a living in Virginia Beach takes home a mean income of $28,383. Workers who belong in the highest sector are paid $33,436 every year while the ones in the lowest sector make $23,739. There are a couple of other things that can make a difference in the annual stipend of a medical assistant. The type of industry that they work for, such as the hospitals, doctor’s office, outpatient units, etc., plays a big factor as well. As of now, there are 9,930 residents of VA who are working as medical assistants. The middle pay rate of these workers is $28,790 annually. The top-most percentile of these individuals is paid $40,930 while the bottom-most percentile takes home $20,910 in a year. Work experience and educational attainment are used as bases in calculating the pay of a medical assistant in VA. Although there is no standard education requirement for this field, degree or certificate holders always have an edge. According to the BLS, there will be a 34 percent growth in the employment demand for these professionals. This means that there should be approximately 163,900 jobs opening across the country.

As discussed earlier, there is no standard education requirement for a medical assistant. However, you should have at least a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. But since this industry is getting quite competitive, it would really help if you finish a formal training program in medical administrative assisting or medical assisting. This kind of coursework is offered by a number of technical schools in Virginia. Most of these institutions have financial aid and scholarship programs for their students. The Westwood College is one of the most popular tech schools in this area, which also offers technical degree programs in Radiology technician and a Registered Nurse. It has a 1-year diploma program in medical assisting and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. For more information, you may mail in your questions at 1 Broadway, 14th Floor in Cambridge, MA 02142. The ACT College is also well-known when it comes to producing the finest medical assistants. It has campuses in Alexandria, Manassas and Rosslyn. This school has both diploma and associate’s degree programs in medical assisting, allied health technology and medical office administration. The school’s authorities may be reached at 866-950-7979.