Earnings for Medical Biller And Coder In New Jersey

The industry of medical administration is indeed one of the fastest growing fields today. Billing and coding personnel are assigned to precisely translate a patient’s information into its designated code and calculate the correct amount of payment due for the rendered services. According to the BLS, the mean annual medical billing and coding salary in New Jersey is significantly higher than the national average which is $33,880. The middle annual pay here is around $44,920. The upper 25th division of the workers who live here earns $66,900 each year while the bottom 25th division receives $27,040. These average salaries are based on the 2,090 registered medical billers and coders in NJ. Although billing clerks and medical coders have similar job responsibilities, their income differ from one another. To explicate this further, here are some of the major cities in this state and their corresponding rates for billing and coding workers.

Billing clerks who live in Bridgewater have a middle annual wage of $38,000 while coding clerks earn $45,000. The average yearly pay of a billing clerk in Clifton is $45,000 while that of a coding clerk is $52,000. Those who work as billers in the city of Englewood Cliffs get $45,000 while the ones who are called medical coders receive $52,000. Billing clerks residing in Hoboken make an average of $44,000 a year while medical coders earn $50,000. Princeton billing clerks have a yearly pay check of $35,000 while its coding clerks take home $41,000 on average. The mean annual income of billers in Newark is $43,000 while that of medical coders is $49,000. A billing clerk who is located in Trenton makes a mean annual pay of $34,000 while a medical coder receives $40,000. Based on the figures indicated above, you may conclude that the average salaries in NJ are higher than the national pay rate.

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Centenary University is an inclusive and collaborative learning community dedicated to preparing its students to enter society as professional and global citizens by providing experiences that foster skills of critical thought and purposeful action. The Centenary experience is distinguished by a fundamental belief in the full potential of each student, a strong liberal arts foundation, career preparation, and a culture of service to the community and to the world.

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The job experience of an individual is also used as basis for calculating his or her medical billing and coding salary in New Jersey. First-time workers with no experience are paid $30,323 every year. The average pay of those who have 2 years of work experience is $33,584 annually while the ones who have 5 years behind them get $39,770. The mean income of those who have rendered their services in the industry for 10 years is $44,949. Fifteen years in the field of billing and coding can merit you a middle pay of $49,949 annually while 20 years or more will take up your pay to an average of $50,350. Some senior medical billers and coders even have a mean annual wage of $54,477. In general, New Jersey is one of the highest-paying states when it comes to this career. Newark has been recorded as one of the cities with the highest pay rate for these workers. The BLS has predicted that the job openings in NJ are bound to increase by 20 percent in the next years. This should open up around 35,100 available positions in this industry.

To jump-start your career as a medical biller and coder, you must choose among the technical schools in New Jersey that offers medical courses. There are institutions that provide flexible online courses while there are also those that stick with traditional classroom programs, and offer a variety of technical trades to choose from. The Anthem Institute is one of the most reputable schools in this area. It has campuses in Parsippany, Cherry Hill and Jersey City. This school offers a certificate program in medical billing and coding. The Anthem institute aims to equip their students with the knowledge and skills needed in the real world of billing and coding. The Central Career School is located in South Plainfield. It has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges or ACCSC. The goal of this school is to provide a top-quality education to its students that will assist them in their career goals ahead. There are currently 1,950 individuals who are employed as medical billers and coders in NJ. If you get your associate’s degree or certificate in medical administration now, then you can be a part of a progressing industry.