Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Having the want and desire to succeed is a necessary attribute for any person wishing to start a career as a medical billing and coding specialist. It will be your responsibility to hunt down a patient’s diagnostic that is based on lab procedures, signs and symptoms. Your salary is based on skill level, location, experience and much more.

This Job can be stressful, difficult and confusing because of the fact that it involves a lot of rules based off of a worldwide guideline for all medical coders. If you pursue this career what can you expect on a typical workday? What is the expected average medical billing and coding salary? What kind of training is involved to land a job in this field? These are some questions we will answer the following discussion.

Job Description

Job includes submitting claims to insurance companies or government run policies, such as Medicare, so that a hospital, doctor or healthcare provider can receive payment for services rendered to a patient. For the most part, you will work in an office building, clinic or billing department of a hospital out of the way of the public eye in most cases. A typical work week for this career consists of 40 hours, whether it is five eight-hour days or four, ten hour days.

Some will use computers to assist them in reading and organizing charts and documents, for this reason it is important that you have some computer skills. Often times you’ll work with a group of people in a department and each person will have a dedicated type of service. Some of these services include inpatient and outpatient surgery and emergency room. Just because you focus on one particular area of coding, does not mean that you do not need to be versed and well-trained in all forms of coding.

As brought out earlier, this job can be stressful due to unclear charts that may be submitted by a physician. This is typical and should be expected in this career field. Medical coding has often been described as detective work as well, decoding each chart can be like uncovering a mystery each time. Working in this field you will often times work alone and have little interaction with people. If you’re a person who needs to interact with people constantly, this job may not be for you.


While there are schools that concentrate solely on getting you in and out of school with the knowledge and skills needed to land a job, it is possible to find a facility that will train you while on the job. On-the-job training is ideal for many people, because it allows them to make money while being trained at the same time. On-the-job training will typically take about three months but it can take years to become well versed as a coder and really understand and know what you are doing.

Graduating from an accredited school program will leave you with a certificate of completion from that school. From there you can register to take the National Health Career Associations Certified Medical Biller and Coder Certification Examination. Becoming certified makes it easier to find a job and put you in a higher paying average pay scale.


Due to the high demand for certified health industry specialists, salaries are expected to be on the rise. With so many options of facilities and companies to work for, the pay scale can vary quite a bit. Adding in some other variables such as your geographic location along with your physical job location, training, experience, economy and job demand will help determine what you could expect to earn each year.

Throw in all those variables into the mix and the average income will likely be between $36,000 per year and $44,000 per year. A low percentage of employees in this medical field can expect to see an annual wage as low as $31,000 per year while another percentage can expect to see an earnings range as high as $48,000 per year. Remember that the mentioned these numbers are just an average that is based off of all of the variables mentioned above. Only you can determine what you can make each year based off of your desire and want to receive the best training available and work your hardest for promotions and pay increases.