Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Alabama

A medical transcriptionist is a health care professional assigned to transcribe audio files that are created by doctors, physicians and medical personnel. It is important that this individual observes accuracy and precision in his or her work. In addition, these workers must be prepared to accept the fact that their annual income is affected by a number of factors. In the survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the 2009, the median annual medical transcriptionist salary in Alabama is $28,340. This means that the hourly rate in this area is around $13.62. However, some employees earn higher than the statewide average. The wage chart shows that the highest 90th percentile of these medical transcriptionists earns $18.72 per hour and $38,930 per annum. As discussed earlier, there are a lot of things that can influence the income for this profession. And one of them is the geographic location of an individual.

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The following are major cities in AL and their matching average medical transcriptionist’s salary. Employees residing in the city of Birmingham make around $31,270 in a year while the ones in Montgomery earn $31,630. Those who are located in Mobile have a yearly pay check of $29,470. This amount is higher than the statewide average but lower than the averages in its neighboring cities. Huntsville medical transcriptionists, on the other hand, receive an average of $31,900 per annum. Based on the salary survey results, the highest paying cities in the state are Decatur, Montgomery and Birmingham. Another major factor that affects the medical transcriptionist salary in Alabama is the level of education. There are several areas of specialization in this field and different job titles have different incomes. For example, a medical secretary transcriptionist is paid $30,000 in a year while a virtual recruiter gets $50,000 on average.

A medical secretary hematopathology living in AL has a yearly pay check of $35,000 while a medical transcriptionist ND shift receives $31,000. Individuals working as a medical secretary anatomic pathology make $35,000 per annum while a health information supervisor earns $64,000. The Association for Health Documentation Integrity has declared that there are three different levels for medical transcriptionists. Level one pertains to the newly graduates, level two are those who have 2 to 5 years of experience and level three are the ones who are considered to be experts in the field. Work experience is another thing used to calculate a medical transcriptionist’s salary in AL. The longer one stays in the industry, the higher his or her salary gets. Those who have at least 10 years behind them are also assigned to deal with complex issues in the medical record. Alabama is one of the many states that pays based on production. This means that it pays its workers based on the number of lines that they transcribe each working day. Thus, speed is also an important factor in this profession. The job outlook in this area is overall very good. According to the Bureau, the cities that will have the highest job openings relative to population are Dothan, Gadsden and Florence.

In order to work as a medical transcriptionist, one must successfully complete a formal training program in any of the technical schools in Alabama. Some institutions grant a diploma while others an associate’s degree. The Kaplan University is an online school that offers a high quality education on this field. Its coursework is especially designed to fit the student’s flexible schedule. The medical transcription training program of the Kaplan University provides an associate’s degree after 12 to 24 months. Ashworth College is also an online-based institution that provides a diploma to its graduates. It has both the online and campus based training that goes perfectly well with a student’s pace. These are two of the schools which are perfect for working students who wants to enter the industry. Aside from the flexibility that they offer, they also provide financial assistance to those who have difficulty in paying the tuition.