MRI Tech Salary

There are many factors that determine the average earnings of an MRI technician. The years of experience of an individual has can define the pay that he or she should expect to receive. Beginners in the industry have an average salary of $39,305 to $50,000 per year. MRI techs that have been around for about a year or so are paid $37,232 to $53,493 annually while those who have five years of experience get a pay check of $49.726 to $62,138 per year. Technicians who have gained their seniority in the field, meaning 10 years or more of experience, have shown to earn around $51,282 to $77,389. Finally, those who have stayed for 20 years or more in the service receive a pay that is between $57,914 to $71,768 annually. Another large variable in a MRI Tech salary is the type of employer the technician chooses to work for. For example, hospitals pay around $40,695 to $61,374 a year. The federal government tends to pay a bit lower than this rates, $35,375 to $50,868. Technicians who work for private practices can earn $46,202 to $68,400 while the ones who work for private companies get a yearly wage of $47,173 to $68,728.

Other places techs can work that may alter their yearly income are,  Health care centers, who pay their employees an average tech salary of $40,695 to $69,609. Medical centers, on the other hand, pay around $50,964 to $61,042 while radiology clinics compensate the technicians at $47,000 to $63,772. The variations in salaries also differ from state to state. Those who are working in the state of California get the highest pay check which ranges from $50,000 to $90,000 per year. Texas MRI technicians enjoy a yearly wage of $36,407 to $80,000. Workers in Illinois can earn $32,556 to $52,438 while those who reside in Arizona get $25,434 to $60,000. MRI technicians in New York get paid around $59,495 to $77,902 while Florida workers receive $45,000 to $58,000 per year. Just like with any other career in the health care industry, those who have certification have a better chance of earning more than those who do not have one. Some professions even consider the gender of the worker. History has shown that males receive a higher pay compared to females.

According to the latest statistics, the average salary of MRI technicians ranges from $50,000 to $55,000 per year. The figures will eventually increase as the individual gain more work experience and advanced training. Other than the salary that these technicians receive, they also enjoy other benefits such as bonuses, travel opportunities, free housing allowance and expense compensation. Generally, a technician has an hourly rate of $18 and up. Those who have been in the field for 10 to 15 years get an hourly rate of $40 or more. The most common misconception of newly graduates is that they will get a high pay straight out of school. But reality says otherwise, the average MRI tech salary is just a little higher than the national average salary.

MRI Technician Training

With the unstoppable growth of the medical industry, being an MRI technician is one of the best career paths that anyone can follow, when considering the amount of schooling one need, in comparison with the salary and benefits a graduate will receive. Individuals who have completed a training program in this field should never have a problem finding a job as there are many opportunities that are available for the taking. To become a MRI technician, a person needs to get a certification in a two year program from an accredited school or college. The institution should have an accreditation from the Joint Review Committee on Education of Radiologic Technology. This accreditation is important because hospitals and health care centers include it in their requirements for employment. Some students even take the step further by completing a four year course in radiography. Once they have finished the course or program, they will be asked to take a written board exam for certification. Some of the most popular and accredited schools that offer MRI technician courses and programs are Kaplan University, Virginia College, Grand Canyon University and South University. These schools offer both an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. They are all accredited and they offer MRI technician programs that help yield individuals who are ready to work as professionals in the field. It is also highly recommended that people who are considering the possibility of becoming an MRI technician should complete high school courses such as biology, physics, physiology, anatomy and chemistry.

MRI Technician Job Description

In general, an MRI technician is a medical care professional who is in-charge of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine. They operate this machine to take detailed pictures of the structures and tissues inside the body. Some of the places that this type of technician works at are hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. To be able to work in these establishments, the technician must be skilled in handling the MRI equipment. The device that MRI technicians work with looks like a donut and it has a tunnel inside. Now, once the patient is settled on the table, it moves into the tunnel. This is when the pictures are taken through the help of radio waves. These pictures are used by doctors and physicians to diagnose the condition of the patient. It is the responsibility of the technician to explain the procedures to the patients. It is part of their assignment to alter imaging parameters and choose software options while adjusting the scanner.