Pharmacy Technician Regular Income For Arkansas

The main task of a pharmacy technician is to receive and fill prescription requests for patients. Their job requires them to communicate and build rapport with their clients. That is why it is very important that they enjoy working with people. Although they can work independently, they still operate under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. The salary for this profession greatly varies from state to state. According to the survey conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pharmacy technician salary in Arkansas is $31,000. This is slightly lower than the national average which is $31,100.

However, there are several things that can affect the pay rate for this job. The list includes work experience, certification, employer type, geographic location and educational attainment. Arkansas is one of the areas in the country that requires their pharmacy technicians to be registered by the state board of pharmacy. This organization has the right to suspend, deny or restrict the registration of an individual.

As previosly stated, geographic location is one of the major determining factors of the average pharmacy technician salary in Arkansas. To illustrate further, here are some of the major cities in this state and their matching average rates. Those who are employed in Hot Springs have a yearly pay check of $26,000 while the ones in Jonesboro receive closer to $31,000. Individuals working in the city of Pine Bluff have a median annual wage of $27,000 while those who are hired in Little Rock earn $26,000 in a year. Pharmacy technicians residing in Fayetteville can make around $26,000 in a year while those in Fort Smith get $28,000. The amounts indicated above also depend on the cost of living and employment rate in the area. Work experience is also a key factor in determining a pharmacy technician’s salary. Those who have less than 4 years of experience have a salary range of $10.04 to $13.25 per hour. This means that they earn $19,276 to $25,440 every year. Individuals who have 4 to 9 years of work experience have a salary range of $12.29 to $14.74 per hour. This makes their median annual wage $23,596 to $28,300.

Another major determinant of the pharmacy technician salary in AR is the level of education attained by an individual. Those who pursue further knowledge and skill in this field have higher incomes than their colleagues. For example, a pharmacy technician specialist earns $38,000 annually while a pharmacy technician candidate bank receives $41,000. A pharmacy technician in training has a yearly pay check of $31,000 while someone who is assigned in the inpatient care department is paid $42,000. A lead pharmacy technician in AR can make around $41,000 each year while a pharmacy technician working in a retail store receives $29,000. Those who are assigned in the outpatient care department have a median annual wage of $42,000 while a pharmacy technician instructor gets $46,000. These are just some of the areas of advancement offered in this field. The BLS reported that those who obtained a certification have an average annual income of $42,000.

For those who would like to enter this field, a high school diploma or GED is required. Although there is no set standard job requirement for pharmacy technicians, majority of the employers seek to hire those who have completed a formal training program in pharmacy technology. This is offered in various technical schools in Arkansas. One of the most prestigious institutions in this area is the Remington College. This is located in the city of Little Rock and it offers a diploma to those who complete its training program. The pharmacy technology coursework given by this school is consisted of topics that will prepare the students for the various responsibilities of their chosen career. Another good thing about Remington College is that it provides career placement services to its graduates. It also has scholarship programs and other plans that assist students who have financial problems. The Harding University situated in 915 East Market Avenue in Searcy also has a similar training program. For more information, anyone is welcome to call them at 501-279-5528.