Annual Income For Pharmacy Technician In California

A pharmacy technician is someone who makes sure that the pharmacy is operating smoothly and efficiently. Some of his or her daily tasks include filing patients’ records, handling and stocking supplies and answering important phone calls. It is also his or her duty to communicate with third parties when it comes to insurance claims and plans. The salary for this profession varies from state to state due to a number of considerable factors. Based on the report submitted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pharmacy technician salary in California is around $36,100 as of May 2010. This means that their hourly rate is $17.36. The said amount is significantly higher than the declared national average which is $21,299. However, the pay rate for this profession may vary from city to city and region to region. It will depend on the cost of living and employment rate in that specific area.

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As noted earlier, there are a number of considerable factors that affect the pharmacy technician salary in California. One of these factors is the geographic location of an individual. Aside from the cost of living and employment rate, the aging population in an area is also used as a basis for calculating a pharmacy technician’s salary. As the number of individuals who are in need of medical attention and assistance increases, the salary will also substantially improve. Furthermore, those who are hired in the city of Los Angeles have a median annual wage of $45,000 while the ones in San Francisco get $52,000. Individuals working in Sacramento can make around $42,000 in a year while those in San Diego receive $40,000. Pharmacy technicians in San Jose are paid $53,000 per annum while the ones employed in Santa Barbara earn $39,000. The city of Berkley has an average annual rate of $51,000 for this profession while Palo Alto pays $54,000. Those who are employed in Stockton get $41,000 annually while the ones in Riverside receive $42,000. Pharmacy technicians residing in Palm Springs, Anaheim and Irvine have a median annual wage of $41,000. The ones who are in Oceanside make around $37,000 in a year while those in Long Beach earn $45,000. Fresno and Ventura have an average annual rate of $40,000 for this profession while Bakersfield pays $42,000.

Another key factor in determining a pharmacy technician’s salary in CA is certification. Although it is not a standard requirement, candidates who have obtained a license or certificate by passing the examination administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board earn higher salaries than those who did not. This is because they have a better chance at landing high-paying jobs than their competitors. The level of education attained by an individual is certainly a big factor that can influence his or her salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for this career is very promising. It has been predicted that there will be about 200 job openings in the next 8 or 10 years in this state alone. That’s why this is the perfect time to pursue a career in this field as it is guaranteed to be stable and progressive in the coming years.

To become a part of this rapidly growing profession, one has to complete a formal training program in pharmacy technology. Although various employers offer on-the-job trainings, majority prefer those who have a diploma or a degree in this field. This is fairly easy to do as there are various technical schools in California that offers pharmacy technology programs. One of them is Career Network Institute which has been accredited by the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists. It is situated in 702 Town and County Road in Orange and it provides a diploma or an associate’s degree to its pharmacy technology graduates. Carrington College is also a technical school in CA that offers this training program. It provides a certificate and an associate’s degree to those who complete the said program. This usually lasts around 6 months to 24 months, depending on the coursework that one wants to take. Graduates of this school are eligible to apply for the pharmacy technician registration in California.