Pharmacy Technician Annual Earnings For Colorado

A pharmacy technician is responsible in helping a registered pharmacist in managing a pharmacy. They perform various kinds of duties such as operating the cashier, stocking the shelves and filling up prescription medications. They also deal with the patients’ files and insurance claims. The financial aspect of this career is one of the main concerns of those who want to pursue it. Based on the survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the pay rate for this profession differs from different areas in the country. This is because of the so-called salary determinants such as the location, employer type, work experience and educational attainment. The average annual pharmacy technician salary in Colorado is $27,710 as of 2009. This is higher than the national average for the profession which is $21,299. However, the rate may from city to city and region to region in this state. This depends on the cost of living in the area and the need for medical professionals as well.

As noted earlier, one of the major determinants of the pharmacy technician salary in Colorado is geographic location. Here are 10 of the biggest cities in this state and their matching average rates. Individuals who are working in Denver have a median annual wage of $29,000 while the ones who are hired in Colorado Springs receive $27,000. Employees in the city of Aurora are paid an average of $29,000 in a year while those who are in Lakewood earn $29,000. The city of Fort Collins has an average annual rate of $25,000 for this profession while Pueblo pays $27,000. A pharmacy technician residing in Thornton can make around $25,000 in a year while the ones in Westminster receive $29,000. The cities of Arvada and Highlands Ranch, on the other hand, have a median annual wage of $29,000.

Another factor that can influence the salary of a pharmacy technician in CO is work experience. The entry-level salary may be kind of low but it gradually increases as one gains more knowledge and skill in the field. For example, those who have less than 4 years of work experience earn around $11.45 to $15.10 per hour. This means that they make $21,984 to $28,992 in a year. Pharmacy technicians who have rendered their service in the field for 4 to 9 years have an hourly rate of $14.01 to $16.81. This means they have an annual salary range of $26,899 to $32,275. The amount will continue to increase with the number of years that they spend with the industry. The workplace or industry that pharmacy technicians are employed in also affects their yearly wage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, majority of these medical professionals in CO are working in retail pharmacies. Although the pay rate here is quite good, those who are hired by the federal government are paid better. Job outlook for this career is relatively good. The cities of Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins have the highest percentage of jobs relative to the population. Boulder, Denver and Greeley, on the other hand, will not be having as much job opportunities for these professionals.

The BLS said that there are about 324,000 pharmacy technicians who are located in this state. To become a part of this rising workforce, one must do a little schooling first. Although applicants who have a high school diploma or GED may apply for this position, those who have a diploma or degree in pharmacy technology are preferred by the employers. One of the technical schools in Colorado that offers this kind of program is the University of Phoenix. It has various campuses all over the state – Aurora, Colorado Springs, Lone Tree, Westminster, Pueblo and Fort Collins. This school was founded in the year 1976 and is known for the support that it provides to its students. Not only does it offer financial assistance to those who are in need, but it also helps in the job placement of its graduates. Finishing the pharmacy technology program offered in this school will provide an individual with an associate’s degree that will boost up his or her credentials.