Pharmacy Tech Wages in Delaware

A pharmacy technician performs both clinical and administrative tasks. Those who are employed in clinics or large retail pharmacies work directly with patients as they are responsible in measuring prescription medications. On the other hand, the ones who are assigned in smaller locations focus on managing the cash register and answering phone calls. The salary for this profession depends on a list of key factors. The list includes geographic location, previous work experience, type of industry and education. Those who have a license or a certificate also have a different pay rate than their colleagues. Based on the survey conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pharmacy technician salary in Delaware is $28,580. This amount is certainly higher than the national average which is only $21,299.

As discussed earlier, work experience is a major determinant of a pharmacy technician salary in Delaware. Those who have less than 4 years of work experience have an hourly rate of $10.11 to $15.24. This means that they earn around $19,411 to $29,260 in a year. The ones who have 4 to 9 years of work experience have an hourly rate of $14.14 to $16.96 which means that they have a salary range of $27,148 to $32,563 in a year. Senior pharmacy technicians, on the other hand, can earn as high as $51,270 per annum. This goes to show that individuals who have garnered further knowledge and skill in this field have better income than those who don’t. The educational attainment of a person can also affect his or her yearly salary as a pharmacy technician. This field offers different areas of improvement and those who take advantage of it enjoy the benefits of having a higher pay. Obtaining a certificate in any of the sub-fields of pharmacy technology is one sure way to improve one’s salary. For example, a certified pharmacy technician in DE can earn as high as $40,000 in a year. A pharmacy technician specialist has a median annual wage of $36,000 while a pharmacy technician candidate bank receives $39,000. A pharmacy technician in training gets paid around $29,000 in a year while a lead pharmacy technician earns $39,000. Someone who is assigned in an outpatient or inpatient care department can make $40,000 per annum while those who work in retail pharmacies receive $28,000.

Another key factor that can influence the salary of a pharmacy technician in DE is geographic location. The employment rate and cost of living in each city and region are also taken into consideration upon calculating the pay rates. To illustrate further, here are three of the major cities in this state and their corresponding average salaries. Those who are hired in the city of Dover have a median annual wage of $30,460 while the ones working in Wilmington receive $28,320. Pharmacy technicians employed in Sussex County, on the other hand, can make around $33,050 in a year. The job outlook for this career in Delaware is overall very promising. Cities that have the highest percentage of employment in relation to the population are Dover and Wilmington. The BLS also noted that the highest-paid pharmacy technicians are those who work in Wilmington.

As the aging population in this state continues to rise, the need for qualified pharmacy technicians also increases. This is why many of the residents are encouraged to pursue a career in this field. To be able to work as a pharmacy technician, one must have a high school diploma or a GED. But since the competition is tight in this industry, obtaining a diploma or degree will boost up one’s credentials. All an individual has to do is to enroll in any of the technical schools in Delaware and complete a formal training program. Ashworth College is a prestigious institution that offers pharmacy technology training and grants a diploma to those who finish it. It also has online based classes that make it more convenient for those who cannot attend campus sessions. Another pharmacy technician school in Delaware is the Penn Foster Career School. This is purely online based and it has been around since the year 1890. The coursework can be completed through email and snail mail. Students who have to work for their tuition find it preferable to enroll in this institution as they can do their homework during their free time. Completion of the said training program will grant the student a diploma in pharmacy technology.