Pharmacy Technician Salary in Illinois

A pharmacy technician is responsible in maintaining the proper storage and security conditions of the medicines in the workplace. It is also his or her duty to receive prescription requests from patients and verify with a registered pharmacist that the information is correct. The compensation for this job varies from different areas in the country. In fact, every city and region may have a different pay rate for this position. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pharmacy technician salary in Illinois is $33,280. However, there are areas in this state that pay either higher or lower than the said amount. For example, workers in Champaign have a median annual wage of $30,247 with the highest 90th percentile earning $36,040 and the lowest 10th percentile makes $24,634. Employees residing in Chicago are paid $34,545 per year on average. The highest 90th percentile of these individuals has a yearly pay check of $41,161 and the lowest 10th percentile receives $28,135. Compare the tech salary of your state to pharmacy tech salaries in CA.

Moreover, pharmacy technicians living in Moline make an average of $30,606 in a year. The highest 90th percentile earns $36,467 and the lowest 10th percentile gets $24,926. Peoria, on the other hand, has a median annual pay rate of $30,606 with the highest 90 percent making $36,467 and the lowest 10 percent gets an average annual wage $24,926. Workers located in Rock Island have a median annual income of $30,899. The highest 90th percentile earns $36,816 in a year while the lowest 10th percentile takes home $25,165. Springfield currently pays an average of $31,550 per annum with the highest 90th percentile getting $37,592 and the lowest 10th percentile receives $25,695 each year. Pharmacy technicians situated in Rockford have a median annual salary of $31,582. Those who belong in the highest 90th percentile earn $37,631 and the ones in the lowest 10th percentile make $25,722 annually.

Another major determinant of the pharmacy technician salary in Illinois is the job title of an individual. There are many areas of specialization in this field and each has a different pay rate than the others. An ON call pharmacy technician in IL has a yearly pay check of $47,000 while a lead pharmacy technician makes $40,000. A pharmacy technician specialist has a median annual pay of $41,000 while a senior pharmacy technician earns $40,000 on average. A pharmacy technician candidate bank living in the same state has yearly earnings of $42,000 while a pharmacy technician corrections receives $27,000. A pharmacy technician instructor is paid $48,000 per annum while an MH pharmacy technician gets $34,000. A pharmacy technician IP in IL makes $34,000 while a Ptcb pharmacy technician has a yearly pay check of $41,000. The employment outlook for this career in Illinois is quite promising. There are several new pharmacies that will be opening in the next few years and each will be hiring a handful of pharmacy technicians. Most employers offer on-the-job training positions but they will prefer applicants who have a degree or a diploma in the field.

Getting a certification in pharmacy tech is not a difficult task as there are many technical schools in Illinois that provides high-quality education for this field. One of the top choices among students in this area is the Northwestern College that is located in 4829 Lipps Avenue in Chicago. The School of Health Sciences in this institution aims to prepare the students for the real world. The help these individuals become competent in their chosen career. For more information, interested parties may reach the school at 888-205-2283. Northwestern College also has campuses in Naperville and Bridgeview. The Pharmacy Tech School is also known to provide a comprehensive course in pharmacy tech. This is situated in 4710 West Irving Park Road in Chicago. Anyone is free to call the school at 773-205-8422. A school representative will be more than willing to provide a detailed description of the courses that they have.