Pay Amount For Pharmacy Technician In Indiana

The daily duties of a pharmacy technician include ensuring accurate pill count and matching the patients to the correct medications. It is also his or her job to check the stocks and to make an inventory of the supplies and drugs. Based on the survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 8,900 employees in Indiana. The average annual pharmacy technician salary in Indiana is $26,920. However, there are variables that affect the compensation for the said career. That is why there are areas in this state that pay higher or lower than the declared statewide average. Looking at the wage chart provided by the BLS, Indianapolis has an average pay rate of $27,000 per year while Vicennes pays $29,000. Workers residing in the city of Gary have a yearly pay check of $37,000 while the ones in South Bend earn $29,000. See how Indiana stands up against earnings of pharmacy techs in Arizona and all other states.

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Anderson pharmacy technicians have a median annual income of $34,862 with the highest 90th percentile making $42,799 and the lowest 10th percentile gets $27,517. Those who live in Bloomington receive $34,445 in a year. The highest 90th percentile of these employees has an average annual pay of $42,288 and the lowest 10th percentile earns $27,189. Elkhart currently pays an average of $36,754 per annum with the highest 90th percentile earning $45,123 and the lowest 10th percentile receives $29,011. Pharmacy technicians living in Fort Wayne have a median annual income $36,073. The highest 90th percentile gets $44,287 in a year while the lowest 10th percentile makes $28,473. Terre Haute, on the other hand, has an average pay rate of $34,710 in a year. The highest 90th percentile of its workers has an annual pay of $42,614 on average while the lowest 10th percentile gets $27,398.  Another major determinant of the pharmacy technician salary in Indiana is the work experience of an individual. The entry level salary for this profession is around $10.91 per hour. Those who have 1 to 4 years of work experience are paid $13.35 per hour.

Moreover, workers who have been in the industry for 5 to 9 years have an hourly rate of $14.39. Senior pharmacy technicians in IN can make $16.01 per hour. The educational attainment of an individual makes a difference in his or her pay as a pharmacy technician as well. Those who pursue further knowledge and skill in this field have better chances of earning higher salaries than their colleagues. For example, a lead pharmacy technician makes $39,000 per annum while a senior pharmacy technician takes home $40,000 on average. A Ptcb pharmacy technician in IN has a yearly pay check of $41,000 while a pharmacy technician instructor earns $48,000. An MH pharmacy technician has a median annual income of $34,000 while an ON call pharmacy technician receives $47,000. The employment outlook in Indiana is expected to grow by at least 31 percent in the next 8 or 10 years. Both government-owned and private pharmacies will have several vacant positions for pharmacy technicians to take advantage of.

In order to land a job as a pharmacy technician, one must enroll in a formal training program in any of the technical schools in Indiana. Although it is possible to get a job with a high school diploma, employers highly prefer applicants who have a degree or a certificate in pharmacy tech. One of the highly recommended institutions in this state is the Everest College. It has a diploma course in pharmacy technician that takes around 12 months to complete. This program is consisted of both classroom sessions and hands-on training. The National College which has campuses in Fort Wayne, South Bend and Florence also offers a similar coursework in this field. One of the school’s missions is to prepare the students for the task-filled life of a pharmacy technician. It provides financial assistance and scholarship grants to those who experience difficulty in paying for their tuition. Both of these schools have a support group that helps their students land an entry level job upon graduation.