Pharmacist Gross Annual Wages in Kansas

It is a pharmacy technician’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the work area as well as the equipments used. He or she is expected to provide assistance to the customers by answering simple questions and filling up their bottles of prescribed medications. One the factors that can change the income for this profession is the geographic location of an individual. As declared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pharmacy technician salary in Kansas is $34,000. Those who are employed in Kansas City have a median annual pay of $31,940 with the highest 90th percentile earning $38,058 and the lowest 10th percentile gets $26,013. The median annual pay in Topeka is around $30,182 with the highest 90 percent making $35,963 and the lowest 10 percent receives $24,581 on average. Pharmacy technicians in Wichita KS have a median annual income of $30,540 with the highest 90th percentile receiving $36,390 per annum and the lowest 10th percentile earns $24,873. Compare salary and training options to Pharmacy tech salary in CO as well as California Pharmacy Salaries.

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Another factor that can influence the pharmacy technician salary in Kansas is work experience. Those who have garnered 20 years or more in the industry are paid higher than the newly graduates. Workers who have 1 to 4 years of work experience make $13.70 per hour while those who have 5 to 9 years behind them get $12.69 per hour on average. The type of industry that they work for is also a major determinant of their income. Government-owned pharmacies tend to have higher rates than small, private ones. The area of specialization is a large determining factor of the pharmacy technician salary in KS as well. Different job titles in this field do have different incomes. For example, a pharmacy technician who works on call has an average income of $41,000 while the lead pharmacy tech earns around $34,000. A senior pharmacy technician earns $35,000 annually while a pharmacy technician specialist can earn $37,000 on average.

Moreover, a PTCB pharmacy technician in KS has a median annual pay of $35,000 while a pharmacy technician IP receives $29,000. A pharmacy technician candidate bank in the same state has a yearly pay check of $36,000 while a certified pharmacy technician inpt earns $32,000. A pharmacy technician corrections setting makes an average of $22,000 in a year while a pharmacy technician instructor is paid $41,000. An MH pharmacy technician, on the other hand, has an average annual income of $29,000. Looking at the figures stated above, one can conclude that one’s job title can affect his or her pay as a pharmacy technician. Nonetheless, this career is very stable and it provides a secure source of income to those who pursue it. The job outlook for this profession in Kansas is overall excellent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that there will be a 31 percent growth rate in the demand for new applicants. That should open around 300 positions in the industry. Some of the most popular employers in this area are St. Francis Health Center and Walgreens. The former is a hospital while the latter is a retail establishment.

The presence of technical schools in Kansas is a big help for those who want to pursue this career. One of the most sought after institution here is the University of Phoenix. It has an associate’s degree in pharmacy technician that takes around 24 months to complete. Its campuses are scattered all over the state. There’s one in Lenexa, another one in Topeka and the third one is in Wichita. The Vatterott College of Wichita is also an excellent choice of school to enroll in. It provides a diploma to those who can finish its pharmacy tech training program. Other than this program, it also offers coursework in Medical Support and Technology, Medical Administration and a lot more. For those who want to enroll in a more flexible program, the University of Phoenix offers online courses as well. This is perfect for students who have to work as they can complete it in their own pace.