Pharmacy Tech Salaries in Wisconsin

A pharmacy technician is someone who performs pharmaceutical-related duties under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. He or she is trained to operate certain medical equipment and distribute prescription drugs. The standard pharmacy technician salary in Wisconsin is $29,000 in a year. This figure is provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are common variables that affect the salary of a pharmacy technician and one of them is the area of specialization. Those who are assigned in the corrections department are paid $20,000 per annum while lead pharmacy technicians receive $32,000. A pharmacy technician IP in WI earns a mean of $26,000 a year while a pharmacy technician specialist takes home $31,000. A Csr pharmacy technician has a middle annual salary of $23,000 while a pharmacy technician G receives $37,000. An MH pharmacy technician, on the other hand, has the yearly earnings of $26,000.

Moreover, a certified pharmacy technician Cpht has a median yearly pay of $24,000 while a senior pharmacy technician earns $31,000. A Ptcb pharmacy technician in this state receives an average of $33,000. The geographic location of a laborer also affects the pharmacy technician salary in Wisconsin. Workers who are living in Appleton have a mean annual wage of $31,347 with the top-most percentile making $37,349 and the bottom percentile receives $25,533. Those who are employed in the city of Green Bay have a yearly pay check of $31,673 with the highest percentile getting $37,738 and the lowest percentile earns $25,799. The median annual pay in La Crosse is around $29,126 with the highest quarter division receiving $34,704 per annum and the lowest quarter division gets $23,725. Those who are residing in Madison make an intermediate income of $30,792 every year with the highest sector earning $36,688 and the lowest sector earns $25,081.

The pharmacy technicians who live in the city of Milwaukee have a middle annual wage of $32,555. Those who belong in the upper quartile have a yearly income of $38,789 while the ones in the lower quartile receive $26,518. The standard annual pay of those who are working in Racine is the same as those who are located in Milwaukee while the ones in Sheboygan are paid $26,380. Employees who are residing in Wausau have a yearly pay check of $27,530 while those who work in Fond du Lac earn $27,530 on average. The yearly income of pharmacy technicians in Oshkosh is $27,930 while that of the workers in Janesville is $26,940 on average. The stipend for this job title is also determined by the work experience of an individual. The entry level income for pharmacy techs in this area is at $11.60. Those who have been part of the industry for less than 4 years but more than a year have an hourly rate of $13.97 while the ones with 5 to 9 years of experience make $14.91. Chief pharmacy technicians in WI have an hourly rate of $16.77 on average. Wisconsin is one of the few states that do not require their workers to be licensed or registered. The two most popular employers here are Meriter and St. Mary’s Hospital.

This career is one of the most competitive industries in the medical world. That is why it really helps to have a state certified degree in pharmacy technology. Anyone who is interested can easily acquire one from any of the technical schools in Wisconsin. The Everest College has always been a top-notch school not only in this area but also in many different locations in the country. This has a campus in Milwaukee that offers a diploma program in the said course. The program takes around 1 year to complete and is consisted of classroom learning as well as hands-on training. The Rasmussen College also houses a fair amount of students. This school has campuses in Green Bay and Wausau which offers various degree and certificate programs in health care and business. The pharmacy technology training program of this institution takes around 24 months to finish and grants an associate’s degree to its graduates. Chemistry, basic medical terminology and pharmacology are some of the subjects included in its classroom sessions.