Phlebotomist Technician Salary

Drawing blood is an important part of the healthcare industry, and is done every day in doctor’s offices, hospitals and health clinics around the world. Phlebotomist technicians play an important role in day-to-day healthcare by drawing blood through means of venipuncture or by fingersticks from patients for analysis or transfusions. The health career of a phlebotomist technician is expected to rise in demand through the coming years for technicians who are certified with an appropriate accredited education. As a certified phlebotomist technician, what can you expect to earn as an annual salary? Several variables will be discussed, along with average phlebotomist technician salaries in several states throughout the United States. Is a fast track career in as a phlebotomy technician for you?

Phlebotomist Technician Salary

Education, geographic location, job demand and job location are four of the most important variables to consider when examining the average phlebotomy technician salary. It is not currently required to become certified in order to land a position as a technician. Some employers still offer on-the-job training for many employees who have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Although being certified is not required, due to the fact that many people are becoming certified as a phlebotomist, is getting harder and harder for those who are not certified to find jobs. Education plays a big role in proving to an employer how dedicated one is when pursuing a job.

Currently the median phlebotomist technician salary is averaging just shy of $29,000 per year in the United States. Areas in the United States showed to have higher average phlebotomist technician earnings are Mississippi, West Virginia and New York where salaries range from $44,000 per year to $38,000 per year. Geographic location often times plays a large role in what one can expect to earn annually. The economy has different effects on different parts of the United States as well as job demand in varying parts of the United States as well. Supply and demand will often times dictate how much one can expect to earn.

To show some variation in the annual average pay for a phlebotomist technician in the United States, compare the average earnings of a technician in Mississippi was expected to earn on average $44,000 per year to a phlebotomist technician in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Maine and Wisconsin where the average phlebotomist technician salary is between 30 and $28,000 per year. Moving further down in the chain of average salaries, look at Louisiana and Utah who average $27,000 per year while Puerto Rico only averages $19,000 per year. While Mississippi and Puerto Rico seem to be the extremes in upper and lower incomes for this fast-track career, there are many median states who make up a majority of the average income per year. States like California, Indiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and the majority of the rest of the United States range between $37,000 per year and $31,000 per year.

Phlebotomist Technician Certification

As mentioned earlier, it is not required to become certified as a phlebotomist technician in order to find employment. However, there are some states such as California you are required to become certified before you can be hired. To become a certified phlebotomist you’ll need to complete an accredited training program at the end of which you must pass a phlebotomy technician certification exam given by an accredited organization. States like California require you to finish 40 hours of classroom training and clinical practice. You must have also completed 10 skin punctures and 50 veni punctures.

Do not view becoming certified as a waste of time or money. Showing your employer or future employer that you are dedicated to this fast-track career will provide them with the assurance that you took the needed steps on your own accord in order to become certified in order to gain employment.  There are several accredited technical and vocational schools that offer phlebotomist technician training allowing you to earn your certification quickly. What are some phlebotomist technician schools in the United States? You can find a list of schools along with their contact information @