Police Officer Annual Income

The general idea of a police officer’s job is to maintain peace and order in the communities that they are assigned to. It is their utmost priority to prevent crimes and improve the safety level for all the residents living in the area. The average police officer salary range in the country is $35,600 to $59,880 every year. The bottom-most quartile of these workers has a mean annual income of $27,310 while the upper-most quartile receives $72,450. Of course, police detective supervisors have a different pay rate than that of police officers and sheriff patrol officers. The middle 50 percent of these workers have a salary range of $53,900 to $83,940 in a year with the bottom-most quartile earning $41,260 and the upper-most quartile gets $104,410 on average. Similar to other job positions in the United States, the annual police officer salary is influenced by a number of things. The list includes geographic placement, work experience, type of industry and level of education.

Police officers around the country and around the world do have different yearly stipends. Employers in rural areas pay differently compared to metropolitan areas. Cities with high crime rates and cost of living like Los Angeles pay their police officers a bigger rate than cities that are characterized as otherwise. Los Angeles has a mean annual pay rate of $71,976 for its officers. A more peaceful town like Detroit has a pay rate of $44,898 per annum. To illustrate further, here are some of the biggest states in the country and their matching average wages. The police officer salary in California is $49,000 a year while in Georgia it is $48,000 on average. Those who are assigned in Florida have a yearly pay check of $44,000 while the ones in West Virginia receive $47,000. Workers who are employed in New York City, NY are paid $57,000 while those located in Mississippi earn an average of $56,000 per annum. Police officers living in Chicago, IL have a yearly pay check of $48,000 while those in New Mexico are paid $40,000.

The work experience of an individual is one other variable that makes a difference in the police officer salary. The longer he or she stays in this industry, the higher his or her yearly income will get. That’s because with more years of service rendered in this field, an officer gains more knowledge and develop better skills to perform his or her job. As of year 2009, the mean annual income of laborers with 1 to 4 years of work experience is $39,133. Those who have 5 to 9 years behind them receive an average of $47,590 per annum while the ones with 10 to 19 years earn $54,085. Chief or senior police officers with 20 years or more of rendered service are given $64,207 every year. Interested parties do not have to be college degree holders to work as a police officer. But you do need to acquire a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. You would also need to pass a certain written exam before you can land an entry level position. Individuals who choose to complete a higher level of police officer training are paid higher salaries. A high school graduate police officer has an entry level income of $33,993 a year while an associate’s degree police officer receives around $46,511. Police salary range is Similar to the average firefighter salary.

A military police officer is someone who performs higher responsibilities than a plain police officer. It is still his or her duty to arrest law offenders but it doesn’t end there. In fact, there are several areas of specialization if you want to become a military police officer. There are different kinds training that are designated for each specialization: gate guard, patrol, k-9 handler, antiterrorism and dispatch. Gate guards are the ones who maintain the security of the country’s military installations by asking for a valid ID from visitors. Patrol officers are in-charge of patrolling government establishments and properties. They can do this by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, etc. They are also the ones who watch over the motorists and ensure that traffic regulations are strictly followed. A k-9 handler is someone who works with a military-trained dog. They usually specialize in bomb and drug detection as well as vicinity and vehicular checks. The handlers and their dogs always work together as a team. Antiterrorism police officers are specially-trained individuals that focus on terrorism issues. They come up with plans and strategies on how to prevent terrorism attacks and the like. Those who are assigned in dispatch take care of the 9-1-1 calls that come in the system.

A military police officer training is consisted of a minimum of 156 weeks. The Royal Military College offers an intensive coursework in this field. Its training program is divided into second class and first class. The students will be given a clear idea of the command and leadership skills needed in this job. They will also receive instructions on battle tactics, administration, military history, emt training is also a recommended course that officers should learn. Once they have absorbed all of the information that they need, they will be trained to put these things into action. Upon graduation, these individuals will be assigned in a military branch called Corps to put into professional practice the things that they have learned during training. The police officer job description is not far from the things that military police officers do. The difference is that military police officers undergo special training to participate in a particular segment of the law enforcement team. But when you look at it in general, they both have the same goal which is to protect the citizens of the country. They are here to safeguard the innocent from threats of anti-social elements. Valor, integrity, compassion, honesty and strength are just some of the things that make up a police officer job description.