Radiology Technician Income Information In South Dakota

As the medical world continues to adapt technological advancements, the demand for medical professionals such as radiology technicians also rises. It has been reported that the job market for such a profession is growing faster than the head count of people who are qualified to work as an x-ray technician or radiographer. In fact, there will be around 37,000 job openings nationwide for this position in the next 8 years. The job of a radiology technician is to perform x-ray procedures and produce samples that are requested by doctors and physicians. These samples are helpful in diagnosing different types of medical issues. Radiology technicians are highly trained to operate radiography equipment, properly position patients and strictly follow the instructions set by doctors and physicians to capture precise and correct images. They are also taught on how they can protect the patients and themselves from the harmful effects of radiation.

Based on the information provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 900 radiology technicians who are currently employed in SD. In fact, this area ranked as the third state with the most number of individuals holding such a job title. The average annual radiology technician salary in South Dakota is around $61,000. This means that the rate in this area is $6,820 higher than the declared national rate. In fact, this rate places the state in the highest 75th percentile for salaries in the entire United States. Of course, the salary for such profession varies from city to city and region to region. While there are medical employees who indulge in their high pay, there are also those who receive an average or even a lower salary. To illustrate further, here are some of the major cities in South Dakota and their corresponding rates. Individuals who are employed in the city of Aberdeen have an average yearly pay of $51,000 while the ones who are hired in Brookings receive $52,000. Radiology technicians in Pierre have a yearly wage of $55,000 while those who are in Rapid City get paid around $53,000 annually. Sioux Falls, on the other hand, is at a rate of $51,000 while Watertown pays $54,000 each year.

Radiology technicians who are located in South Dakota are strongly encouraged to get a membership in the South Dakota Society of Radiologic Technicians. This group provides support and assistance to its members when it comes to spotting volunteer opportunities, seeking further education and updating useful information. For those who are interested in pursuing a specialization in any of the sub-field of radiology, they may find it helpful to visit the dedicated websites of Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Society of Nuclear Medicine. These organizations are focused on providing detailed information about the specializations for this career. A certificate in any sub-field will help boost up one’s salary as a radiology technician. Those who have specialized in computerized tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and sonography earn higher than those who do not have one. This proves that educational attainment is just one of the many factors that determine a radiology technician’s average salary.

To be able to work as a radiology technician in this state, one must complete at least a 2-year associate’s degree course in radiology. There are a number of schools and institutions that provide such training programs. One of them is the South Dakota State University. This is a public school but it does not operate for profit. It provides both associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree and it even offers graduate courses. This university is currently located in the city of Brookings and anyone is free to call them at 605-688-4151. The Northern State University is another technical school in South Dakota that has radiology training programs. Similar to the South Dakota State University, it also provides 2-year courses and 4-year courses in radiology. It is categorized as a public school and it serves as a home for many student organizations. The training programs that it offers consist of both classroom and hands-on experience. This is physically located in 1200 South Jay Street in Aberdeen, South Dakota. For further inquiries, anyone is free to call the school at this telephone number: 605-626-3011.