Radiologic Technician Wages in the State of Tennessee

A radiology technician is also known as an x-ray technician because of the nature of his or her work. This is a medical professional who makes use of special equipment and devices to see through the human body. It is their task to produce x-ray films that are to be diagnosed by doctors or physicians. They also help in analyzing the images to see if there are any injuries or illnesses that need immediate attention. Through these images, they are able to detect broken bones, tumors and damaged tissues. A radiology technician is also well-trained on how they can prevent the harmful effects of radiation from affecting them and the patients. They strictly follow the guidelines and regulations that are set by the establishment that they are working for. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage in Tennessee is below the national rate. And it also varies within the state itself, from city to city and region to region.

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The national average rate for radiology technicians as of year 2009 is $54,180. Tennessee is at $48,690 which means that there is a $5,490 difference as compared to the national rate. Based on the results of the survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 5,900 radiology technicians employed in this state. Some of them are lucky to earn a higher pay than that of the national wage. The highest 10 percent of the x-ray technicians in Tennessee have an average annual wage of $65,490 while the lowest 10 percent receives an amount of $33,800. Some of the factors that affect the salary for this profession are type of employer and educational attainment. Although a certificate is not considered a standard requirement by employers, an aspiring radiology technician should complete a post-secondary education in one of the accredited schools by the Joint Review Committee on Education and Radiology Technology. In the state of Tennessee alone, there are around 14 certified schools that offer radiology training programs and certificates. They also have a four-year bachelor’s degree course. The list of schools includes Chattanooga State Community College, East Tennessee State University, Roane State Community College and Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Based on the information provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the job outlook for radiology technicians in the state of Tennessee is very promising. They predicted that there will be a 17 percent increase in the employment rate for this profession come year 2018. In fact, the job opportunity for this career looks bright for the entire country. There will be around 37,000 vacant positions that will be available for the taking. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the reason behind this high demand is the inevitable development in the medical imaging technology. The aging population that needs special medical attention is also growing rapidly in the state of Tennessee. That’s why the Bureau strongly encourages people to pursue a career in this field. They also said that obtaining a specialization such as computed tomography and medical resonance imaging can help boost up one’s credentials. An improvement in one’s job application also increases the chance of earning a better pay.