Rad Tech Pay Scale in Utah

The main task of a radiology technician is to produce x-ray samples of the inside structures of the human body. Doctors and physicians use these images to diagnose possible injuries and diseases. Through these samples they are able to locate broken bones, damaged tissues and growing tumors. From the job description of a radiology technician, anyone can tell that they play a very important role in the medical team. It is also their responsibility to prepare the patients for the radiologic examinations. They have to explain the procedures to their patients in such a way that the latter will feel comfortable and relaxed. They also wear and lead shields and other protective devices to protect themselves from the harmful effects of radiation. They are trained on how to properly position their patients so that they can acquire correct and detailed x-ray samples. Although a radiology technician can work independently, they still follow some guidelines that are set by the doctors and physicians.

The radiology technician salary in Utah is determined by a lot of things. One of the major factors that affect their average yearly salary is geographic location. This means that each city and region in this state has varying rates for this profession. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median rate in this state is $41,000. If one does a national comparison, then one can conclude that this amount is lower than the nationwide rate. To illustrate further, here are some of the major cities in Utah with their median wages. A radiology technician working in the West Valley can earn around $37,000 each year while someone who lives in Salt Lake City, UT has a pay check of $38,000. The city of Provo has a rate of $33,000 while West Jordan is at $37,000. Those who are hired in Sandy can receive an amount of $37,000 in a year.

Now as the medical world continues to flourish, the job outlook for this profession also proliferates. Based on the study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 17 percent increase in the employment rate in the coming years. This means that there will be numerous job openings that aspiring radiology technicians can take advantage of. One of the reasons why there will be a high demand for such profession is the improving medical technology advancement. Another reason is the growing aging population that seeks for professional medical help. The state of UT requires its radiology technicians to get a license in order to practice in their hospitals and health care facilities. They can get this from the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL). All they need to do is to visit the organization’s dedicated website and fill up the application form. They will also need to submit a proof of their ARRT certification and pay a $70 application fee. This license will help them land a legal employment in any of the hospitals, public health care facilities and laboratories in Utah. DOPL is physically located in 160 East 300 South, First Floor Lobby in Salt Lake City. Anyone can reach them at 801-530-6628.

There are various schools and institutions that offer radiology training program in this state. Salt Lake Community College is a technical school that specializes in this field. The program is designed to train candidates on how to perform x-ray exams of the extremities, chest, abdomen and other bodily parts. There are two classes that are taught together in this school: MA 2540 and MA 2550. The former is a class about the core information that all radiology technicians must be familiar of. It is composed of different discussions about the equipment, patient and personnel protection, patient management, obtaining of x-ray samples, etc. The latter is about the examinations and tests that all students must undergo. They will also be evaluated by their teachers if they are qualified to partake in such an important profession. Almost all of the states in the country require their radiology technicians to pass the certification exam administered by the ARRT. An accredited training program also helps in preparing the students to take such examination. After a student successfully passed the exam, he or she is now eligible to apply for a license from the state of Utah.