Net Pay For Radiology Technician In Virginia

It is the job of a radiology technician to operate medical equipment and come up with clear and precise x-ray samples. Other scans that they are tasked to produce are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammograms, sonograms and computerized tomography (CT). They use the images to diagnose different illnesses and diseases. They can also detect broken bones, damaged tissues and tumors by analyzing the samples. Although radiology technicians can work without supervision, they do the analysis with doctors and physicians. In some areas, they are also referred to as x-ray technicians or radiographers. One personal trait that these technicians possess is that they are compassionate towards their patients. This is very important as they need to make the patients feel comfortable to undergo the x-ray procedures. When the subject is at ease, they will be able to produce more accurate images of what they need.

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One of the most talked about factor in just about any career is the average pay. The radiology technician salary in VA is no exception. Similar to other states in the country, it is affected by a number of determinants. Location, industry, work experience, educational attainment and even the benefits make an impact on the yearly salary that they receive. According to the wage chart provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of a radiology technician in this state is at $29,120. The lowest 10 percent earns around $20,800 a year while the highest 10 percent receives an average of $30,000. If one makes a national comparison, the figures stated are indeed lower than the declared national rate. However, there are various ways that a radiology technician can do to improve his or her annual salary. For one, he or she can pursue further knowledge and skill in the field of radiology. A radiation therapist in Virginia can earn an average yearly pay of $60,000. The lowest 10 percent of this job title has a pay check of $50,000 a year while the highest earns around $75,000. A technician who specializes in nuclear medicine has an average annual wage of $54,080. Those who have a certificate in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can receive an amount of $56,160.

Individuals who are trained to perform mammograms have an average annual pay of $60,000. The highest 10 percent earns as high as $68,640 while the lowest 10 percent has a pay check of $50,000 in a year. Radiology technicians who work their way up the ladder can earn even higher yearly wages. For example, an imaging manager has an average annual salary of $65,000. The highest 10 percent receives an annual pay check of $80,000 while the lowest 10 percent is paid relatively well with the amount of $50,000 each year. A radiology technician supervisor has an average yearly pay of $60,000. The highest 10 percent receives $72,800 while the lowest 10 percent earns $52,000 each year. This is the reason why radiology technicians are strongly encouraged to pursue further levels of education. Not only will it improve their salaries, but it can also guarantee a stable position in the medical world.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the field of radiology will continue to grow as the health care industry take on new advancements. Individuals who are interested in following a career path as a radiology technician should enroll in at least one of the schools or universities in their area. Northern Virginia Community College is a technical school in Virginia that offers radiology training programs. It has over 160 educational courses and it boasts that it is the largest community college in the entire state. The radiology department of this school provides an associate’s degree or a certificate to its students. The program is designed to prepare them to pass the examination that is administered by the ARRT or American Registry of Radiologic Technology. Once they have passed this exam, they will be certified to work as a radiology technician in the state of Virginia. This college is currently located in 4001 Wakefield Chapel Road in Annandale, Virginia. Tidewater Community College is another technical school in this state. It also offers an associate’s degree in radiology programs. The curriculum includes both classroom and hands-on training that is composed of 72 credit hours. This school is situated in 500 East Main Street, Norfolk, Virginia.