Radiology Tech Average Income in Wyoming

The job of a radiology technician includes capturing images of the inside part of the human body with the use of special medical equipment. They do this to assist doctors and physicians in diagnosing various illnesses and diseases of patients. These medical professionals play a vital role in detecting the root cause of different health problems. They do this by producing clear and detailed x-ray images. They train and acquire their knowledge by enrolling in radiology course programs that are offered by different schools. These institutions are accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiology Technology. A student can choose from an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or a certificate. Most employers highly prefer applicants who have received a certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or ARRT. This organization administers an examination to qualify an individual as a certified radiology technician. Wyoming is also one of the several states in the country that require their technicians to get a license from the state’s Department of Health.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 400 radiology technicians who are employed in Wyoming. These individuals are usually hired in different work setting including colleges and universities, physician’s or doctor’s offices, outpatient service centers, hospitals, medical laboratories and other health care facilities. Some of them are armed with an additional level of education specializing in fields like mammography, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine. The average annual radiology technician salary in Wyoming is around $64,000. This information is based on the results of the salary survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just like in any other state in the country, the salary of such a profession is determined by a number of factors. For one, the geographic location of a person makes a significant variation on the annual wage that he or she receives. This means that different cities and different regions in Wyoming have different annual wages for their radiology technicians.

To illustrate further, the city of Casper has an average rate of $61,000 each year while Cheyenne pays their radiology technicians a rate of $51,000. Those who are employed in Cody receive an annual pay check of $48,000 while the ones who are located in Laramie have a yearly salary of $ 54,000. The radiology technicians and ultrasound technician salaries in Yellowstone are quite high and show an annual average of $64,000. If one would make a national comparison, then one would surely notice that the average rate in Wyoming is higher. The national median wage of a radiology technician is at $54,180 which means that the statewide rate in Wyoming is around $9,820 higher. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for this profession is very promising. There will be around 37,000 jobs available for radiology technicians all over the country. In the state of Wyoming alone, there will be a 17 percent increase in the employment rate. There are many technicians located in this state who choose to pursue a membership in a professional organization. This boosts up their chances of getting better offers, volunteer opportunities, discount for education and some support for legal issues and whatnots.