Radiology Technician Annual Income For Oklahoma

A radiology technician is one of the most important members of the medical team. They help doctors and physicians diagnose possible illnesses and diseases through the x-ray samples that they produce. This is why it is very important that they come up with precise and accurate images of the inside structures of the human body. They are highly trained to protect themselves from the harmful effects of radiation. It is also their job to protect the patients from such possibilities. Some of the scans that they perform are x-ray, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and mammography. Aspiring radiology technicians are asked to spend half of their time observing and assisting in radiology laboratories with real patients to properly prepare them for the career. One of the prominent personal traits of a radiology technician is that they are compassionate. They are able to put their patients at ease before undergoing the necessary procedures. This ability of theirs is indeed very useful as they are able produce more detailed images of broken bones, tumors, damaged tissues, etc.

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The average annual radiology technician salary in Oklahoma is around $52,210. Compare to radiology technician salary in CA. This is based on the information gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2009. This is slightly lower than the declared national average of $54,180. The Bureau also reported that there are numerous job openings for this profession in the state that has an entry-level salary of $40,000. The job outlook for radiology technicians is indeed very promising. It has been predicted that there will be 37,000 job opportunities available nationwide in the next 8 years. In Oklahoma alone, the employment rate will rise up to 17 percent in the coming years. This is the reason why aspiring radiology technicians are strongly encourage to pursue further education in radiology to boost up their chances of landing not only a better job, but also a higher pay.

Just like in any other state, the salary of a radiographer or x-ray technician in the state of Oklahoma is determined by a number of factors. Geographic location is one of the major determinants of the salary. This means that each city and region have a different rate for this profession. To illustrate further, here are some of the major cities in Oklahoma and their corresponding rates. The city of Altus has an average annual wage of $50,000. The lowest 25 percentile of the radiology technicians in this area have a pay check of $36,822 while the highest 75 percentile earn around $44,079. In Oklahoma City, the average rate is at $46,000 in a year. The lowest 25 percentile receive around $39,173 while the highest 75 percentile are paid $46,892. In Tulsa, radiology technicians have a median annual wage of $47,000. The lowest 25 percentile are paid $40,176 while the highest 75 percentile get $48,093. Those who are employed in Lawton have an average rate of $50,000 in a year. The lowest 25 percentile get around $37,898 while the highest 75 percentile have a pay check of $45,366. The city of Norman, on the other hand, has an average annual wage of $53,000. Of course, increased experience and education can improve their salary to $77,000 or even higher.

To be eligible to work as a radiology technician, each candidate is required to finish at least a 2-year course in radiology. There are a number of institutions that provide formal training programs for this course. Northern Oklahoma College is a popular technical school in Oklahoma that offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degree in this field. Although each college has a different set of prerequisites, most of them require their students to finish high school subjects such as English and Physics. Some of the classes that are involved in a radiology course’s curriculum are human anatomy and physiology. After the students have completed the program, they also have to finish their clinical requirements. Clinical requirements are very valuable as they provide the candidates an opportunity to work with actual radiology technicians in medical laboratories and health care facilities. Another thing that they should accomplish is the national certification exam that is administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or ARRT. The state of Oklahoma requires the passing of this test in order to work as a certified radiology technician in the state.