Income For Registered Nurse In Hawaii

Registered nurses are healthcare professionals that are trained to administer medications, check dosages, perform therapies and observe patients. It is also a part of their duty to assist doctors and physicians in performing various medical treatments. The income for this medical profession is affected by a number of factors. This is the reason why each city and region may have a different pay rate for registered nurses. According to the wage chart presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual registered nursing salary in Hawaii is $59,000. This is said to be 23 percent lower than the nationwide average for the profession when compared to RN salaries in FL and other states, Hawaii falls short. One of the things that influence the income of a registered nurse is the level of education. There are various areas of specialization in this field and those who purse them are paid higher than their colleagues.

For example, an emergency RN travel nurse has a yearly pay check of $64,000 while a travel RN earns $67,000. An RN dialysis nurse in HI has a median annual wage of $51,000 while an RN ICU SICU nurse is paid $42,000. Those who are called RN ICU CCU make around $56,000 in a year while the ones who work as RN ICU MICU get $42,000 on average. An RN LD nurse in Hawaii makes as high as $70,000 per annum while RN ICU earns $67,000. Individuals who are employed as RN Cath UP nurses are paid $76,000 while those who perform the duties of an RN PACU UP receive $77,000 each year. Care partners, on the other hand, have a median annual wage of $20,000. An RN Ldr UP has a yearly pay check of $79,000 while an RN Ambulatory gets $43,000. Moreover, an RN Icu UP makes around $76,000 annually. Nurses who belong in the highest 90th percentile in Hawaii have a median annual wage of $74,000.

Other than the educational attainment of an individual, work experience is also a major factor that affects the registered nursing salary in Hawaii. Based on the wage chart provided by the BLS, the entry level income range for registered nurses in HI is from $16.50 to $26 per hour. This means that they make around $28,000 to $50,000 each year. The longer an individual works as a nurse, the higher his or her average yearly income will be. Geographic location is a major determinant of a registered nurses’ salary in HI. Those who are residing in metropolitan areas are paid better than their colleagues who are located in non-metropolitan cities and regions. The cost of living and employment demand are also used as bases in calculating the average income in each area. With regards to the job outlook for this profession, registered nurses and aspiring individuals are in luck. The demand is bound to increase in the following years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that there will be numerous job openings in the industry that these workers can take advantage of.

In order to work as a registered nurse in this state, one must finish a formal training program in any of the accredited registered nursing schools in Hawaii. The University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene is one of the highly recommend institutions in the area. In fact, it is the only doctoral/research university-intensive school in HI. The coursework provided in this institution includes clinical, instructional and research experience to its students. Its Department of Nursing has bachelor of science, a master of science and a PhD in nursing programs, among others. Another technical school that makes an excellent choice in securing a career as a nurse is Hawaii Pacific University. This is situated in 1164 Bishop Street in Honolulu. It has a bachelor of science program that prepares the students to land an entry-level job in any healthcare facility. For further inquiries, interested parties are encouraged to call this number: 808-974-7611.