Yearly Income Registered Nurses Earn in Kentucky

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses encompass the largest group of medical workers. They are in charge of frequent patient evaluations, regular placement of IV and medication administration. At times, they are also asked to draw blood samples from the patients. The average income of a registered nurse varies from different areas in the country. For one, the median annual wage for this profession in Kentucky is around $57,910 which makes the hourly rate $27.84. This information is based on the survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2009. This amount is slightly lower than the national average salary for this career. In fact, it is $8,620 lower than the national average. The geographic location of an individual is one of the major determinants of the registered nurse salary in Indiana. For example, those who are residing in Somerset have a median annual income of $58,710 while the ones who live in Bowling Green receive $54,560. Compare RN salaries in Florida as well as salaries of registered nurses in Alabama against average salaries of nurses in KY.

Spencerian College

Spencerian College has been educating students since 1892 and is part of the Sullivan University system which is Kentucky’s largest private college system with over 6,000 students. Spencerian offers career-focused curriculums in business, medical and technical fields. The mission of Spencerian College is to provide men and women with quality training for careers in the business, technical and health care professions.

The metropolitan area of KY has a median annual rate of $68,990 while the non-metropolitan area pays $61,760. Registered nurses that are living in Cincinnati make an average of $52,710 per year while those who are located in Middletown are paid $68,340. Elizabethtown workers have a median annual income of $62,740 while the ones in Huntington get $52,260. Employees in Ashland have a yearly pay check of $51,450 while RNs in Lexington take home $55,010 on average. The areas of Louisville, Jefferson County and Kentucky-Indiana border have a yearly pay rate of $58,800 while Georgetown is at $58,960. Workers living in Owensboro have a median annual income of $52,700 while those in Murray get $54,950. Registered nurses living in Calloway County, on the other hand, have a yearly pay check of $55,170. The cost of living and employment demand are taken into consideration when calculating the average salary in each place.

Furthermore, the different regions in KY also have different average salaries for their RNs. The Northeastern part has a median annual rate of $48,800 while the Northwestern area pays $55,360. Southwest and Southeast Kentucky are both at $51,020 as of 2009. Another major determinant of the registered nurse salary in Kentucky is the position of an individual at work. For example, an emergency RN travel nursing has a yearly pay check of $86,000 while an RN dialysis makes $69,000. An RN telemetry in KY has a median annual income of $93,000 while an RN LD TEXA gets as high as $106,000 on average. The average yearly pay of a registered nurse assigned in the ICU SICU department is $58,000 while that of an RN ICU MICU is $75,000. Those who are employed as an RN PACU UP in the same state have yearly earnings of $104,000 while the ones called RN ambulatory receive $59,000. With regards to the job outlook for registered nurses in Kentucky, the rate is expected to rise by 22 percent from 2008 to 2018.

In order to start a career as a registered nurse in this state, one must enroll in a medical course related to the field. There are a handful of technical schools in Kentucky that offers different training programs in the health care department. Some of the schools offer a diploma or a certificate, while other grant an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and even a PhD. The ATA College is one of the top choices among students in this state. It is located at 10180 Linn Station Road, Suite A-200 in Louisville and it has an associate’s degree program in nursing. The best number to call is 502-371-8335. The Bellarmine University is also highly recommended when it comes to this field. It is currently situated at 2001 Newburg Road in Louisville. This school has a bachelor’s degree program in Registered Nursing and a certificate program as well. For further inquiries, interested parties may call 502-452-8131 or send an email at