Registered Nurse Wages in Missouri

Demand for medical workers has increased ten fold in the last 10 years, the demand for trained individuals in all aspects has increased. One of the most rewarding fields is that of a registered nurse. The work setting of a registered nurse helps determine his or her daily duties. For example, an ambulatory nurse is assigned to help and treat patients that are confined in a physician’s clinic or office. Different states have different pay rates for this health care profession. The average registered nurse salary in Missouri is around $77,000. One of the things that can influence the said amount is the job title of an individual. As mentioned earlier, the responsibilities of a registered nurse depend on his or her workplace and this is also true for his or her salary. For example, an ambulatory nurse has a median annual income of $57,005 while a registered LDR UP nurse gets $104,000. An RN PACU UP has yearly earnings of $100,003 while an LD nurse gets $92,000. A registered CATH UP nurse has a yearly stipend of $100,045 while an RN ICU CCU makes $75,000.

Moreover, an RN ICU MICU has the median annual wage of $72,000 while a nurse who works in the ICU SICU gets $56,000. Someone who is assigned in the emergency room is paid $88,020 annually while an RN stationed in a dialysis center receives $66,000. A travel RN residing in MO has the yearly earnings of $87,000 while a telemetry worker yields an average of $89,000. Another factor that can affect the registered nurse salary is the geographic location of an individual. Workers residing in the city of Independence MO have a median income of $52,000 annually while those in Kansas City receive $69,920. The employees who live in Springfield have the yearly yielding of $57,000 on average while RNs located in St. Louis has a middle pay of $64,000. The work experience of an individual also affects his or her income as a registered nurse in MO. Those who have less than one year of work experience have a salary range of $15.91 to $16.08 per hour.

Workers who have been in the industry for less than 4 years make $19.18 per hour while the ones with 5 to 9 years behind them earn $21.17 per hour. Those who have been registered nurses for 10 to 19 years have an average hourly rate of $22.45 while the ones with 20 years or more to back them up get $23.06. These health care professionals are also given yearly bonuses by their employers. The amount is as well dependent on the time they have served in the industry. New employees usually receive $973 per annum while those with 1 to 4 years of work experience are given $513. Individuals who have been registered nurses for 5 to 9 years enjoy an annual bonus of $601 while those with 10 or more years behind them get $617. Senior registered nurses, on the other hand, enjoy a yearly bonus of $756. The employment outlook for this career in Missouri is very good. In fact, registered nurses are regarded as key members at the military hospitals and clinics in this area. Some are even assigned to work in airplanes and ships. That is why there will be a dramatic rise in the demand for these professionals in the next 8 to 10 years.

There are several technical schools in Missouri that will help an individual become a trained technician including a registered nurse, lab technician, and medical coding and billing. These institutions will not only train a person on how to assist doctors and set up IVs, but it will also teach him or her on how to manage their temper and provide emotional support to patients. The Culver Stockton College is one of the highly recommended schools in this field. Its nursing program grants a bachelor’s degree to those who can complete it. This is located in Canton and anyone who is interested is invited to give them a call or send an email. Another top-notch school in MO is the Jefferson College located in Hillsboro. This one has an associate’s degree program that lasts for around 24 months. It is consisted of both traditional classroom learning and hands-on practicum.