Average Pay For Registered Nurse In Colorado

A registered nurse is expected to perform several tasks. The list of his or her assignments includes monitoring, recording and reporting any changes in a patient’s medical condition. It is also his or her responsibility to consult and coordinate with all team members of the health care team to design and implement an effective patient care plan. The financial aspect of this career is very much talked about by many as it is one of the highest paying careers in the medical field. However, the average pay rate for this profession varies from state to state. This is because it is influenced by several key factors which include geographic location, previous work experience, educational attainment and type of industry. Based on the report made by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average registered nursing salary in Colorado is $66,800 per year. The highest 10 percentile can earn around $87,730 per annum while the lowest 10 percentile receive $47,560. This information was gathered from 41,750 individuals who are working as registered nurses in the state.

As discussed earlier, the level of education of an individual is a major determinant of a registered nursing salary in Colorado. This means that they can advance to different sub-fields just by getting the proper training and experience needed. All of the advancements in the nursing field require a candidate to finish a master’s degree. For example, an RN ICU SICU earns an average of $45,000 a year while an RN ER gets $81,000. Someone who is hired as an RN ICU CCU in CO has a median annual wage of $45,000 while an RN PACU UP receives $82,000. An individual working as an RN CATH UP earns $79,000 while an RN Ldr UP has a yearly pay check of $82,000. An RN Ambulatory in CO earns around $45,000 while a clinical management supervisor RN receives $65,000 per annum. Primary care nurse practitioners can make as high as $109,000 in a year while a certified nurse midwife gets paid around $91,000.

Another important factor that can affect the salary of a registered nurse in CO is geographic location. Based on the wage chart provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, metropolitan areas in this state such as Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs have a salary range of $62,760 to $69,760 each year. Of course, there are things that are taken into account when considering the rate of a certain area and one of these is cost of living. The industry that they work for can also influence the salary of a registered nurse. Medical and surgical hospitals usually have a higher pay rate compared to private offices and clinics. According to the BLS, this career offers a strong employment to those who seek it. In fact, the demand for registered nurses will continue to rise until year 2018. Employees in the state of Colorado can make very high income if they just pursue advanced education and experience in the field.

The main job requirement of a registered nurse is to complete a nursing program from a recognized school. Employers also seek applicants who have passed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. One of the technical schools in Colorado that is highly recommended is the Metropolitan State College of Denver. This school offers both LPN training and RN training. It will provide an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree to those who can complete such trainings. This is located in one of the older areas of the city, Speer Boulevard and Colfax Avenue, and it has been around for over 150 years now. Another technical school in this state that offers nursing programs is the University of Colorado at Denver College. It has been established in the year 1912 and has been producing top-notch nursing graduates ever since. In fact, its pediatric nurse practitioner program was awarded 3rd place in the Nation by U.S. News and World Report.