Salary Stats for a Registered Nursing Living in Connecticut

A registered nurse is someone who is trained to administer medications and proper care to patients. It is his or her duty to monitor the condition of an ill person and report any changes to a doctor or physician. It is also his or her job to keep an updated record of a patient’s file. This record should include medications, treatments and other important information. The registered nursing salary in Connecticut is determined by a number of things. The list includes geographic location, level of education, type of employer and previous work experience. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 35,790 individuals working as registered nurses in this state. The average annual wage of these employees is around $76,000. The middle 50 percent have a salary range of $62,420 to $81,190. The lowest 10 percent can make $56,760 or lower in a year while the highest 10 percent get $87,770 or higher.

As discussed earlier, geographic location is one of the major determinants of a registered nursing salary in Connecticut. This means that each city and region in this state has a different pay rate. To illustrate further, here are some of the major cities in CT and their matching average salaries. Individuals who are employed in Putnam have a median annual wage of $68,640 while the ones hired in Stamford receive $77,000 in a year. Registered nurses in New London have a yearly pay check of $71,640 while those who are located in Torrington get $72,290. The city of Hartford has an average annual rate of $72,480 for this profession while Danbury pays $73,640. If you look at the figures stated above, then you can note that the rates in these areas are higher than the national average for a registered nurse which is $66,540 per annum.

Another key factor that affects the salary of a registered nurse in CT is the type of employment. The industry that they work for plays a very important role in their yearly pay check. Those who are employed in nursing homes have a median annual wage of $60,800 while the ones hired in outpatient care departments receive $65,940. Individuals working in obstetrics make $70,140 each year while the ones in emergency centers get $71,680. Registered nurses in psychiatric departments have a median annual wage of $72,810 while those employed in operating rooms receive $76,060. Someone who is assigned in Critical Care Units like Nicu and Icu gets a yearly pay check of $71,950. The field of nursing offers a very wide selection when it comes to areas of advancement. Employees who decide to pursue a specialization in any of its sub-fields earn quite differently from their colleagues as well. And aside from the basic pay that registered nurses receive each year, they are also privileged to enjoy certain bonuses and benefits. According to the BLS, the job outlook for this profession in CT is very excellent. The report shows that there are about 1,000 jobs that will be opening this 2011.

The list of employers of registered nurses in CT include cardiothoracic intensive care departments, critical care units, neurosurgical intensive care centers, general hospitals, case management and a lot more. In order for you to land a job in one of these health care centers, you must complete a nursing program from any registered school. This will take around 2 to 4 years to finish and upon completion, you will be granted an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. One of the technical schools in this state that provides top-notch nursing education is the Central Connecticut State University. This is located in 1615 Stanley Street in New Britain. The school’s contact number is 860-832-0032 and anyone is free to call for further inquiries. Another accredited technical school in Connecticut is Fairfield University. Its campus is situated in 1073 North Benson Road in Fairfield. Interested parties can reach the school at 203-254-4000. A representative will be more than willing to answer any questions that you have about their nursing programs. In addition, you may also try joining the Connecticut Nurses’ Association and this organization will provide you with networking and financial support.