Annual Income For Registered Nurse In Idaho

A registered nurse is assigned to do a number of duties in any healthcare facility; hospitals, nursing homes, etc. This individual can perform medical procedures like vaccinations, dressing of wounds and administer medications. Just as any other career, the income for this profession is influenced by a couple of things. Based on the survey performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the geographic location of an individual is a major factor. For one, the average annual registered nursing salary in Idaho is $67,000. This is at least 13 percent lower than the declared national average income for registered nurses. However, there are cities and regions in this area that may have higher pay rates than the statewide average. Individuals who are employed in metropolitan areas tend to have better pay than the ones living in non-metropolitan areas. The cost of living and employment demand in each city or region are used as bases to calculate the pay rate of registered nurses.

Another major determinant of the registered nursing salary in Idaho is the area of specialization of an individual such as respiratory therapy training. Some are assigned in skin care while others work for the general health department. Here are some of the job titles that are related to the field and their matching average salaries. An emergency RN travel nurse has a median annual wage of $73,000 while an RN dialysis nurse is paid $58,000. A travel RN in ID has a yearly pay check of $76,000 while an RN ICU SICU receives $48,000. Someone who is employed as an RN ICU MICU earns an average of $49,000 each year while an RN ICU CCU gets $63,000. Those who work as an RN LD in Idaho make $80,000 per annum while the ones performing the duties of an RN ICU get $76,000. An RN Cath UP has a median annual wage of $87,000 while an RN Pacu UP earns $87,000. Care Partners in ID are paid $22,000 in a year while an RN Ldr UP makes as high as $90,000 in a year. RN Ambulatory nurses receive $49,000 per annum while RN ICU UP nurses earn $86,000 on average.

As mentioned earlier, the geographic location of an individual is one thing that affects his or her salary as a registered nurse. According to the wage chart, Boise, Nampa and meridian have an average pay rate of $48,000 per year for this profession. Employees residing in Pocatello are paid $52,000 annually while the ones in Idaho Falls make $51,000. There are currently 11,200 registered nurses working in ID. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that there will be a 50 percent increase in the employment rate come year 2018. This means that there will be around 7,400 job openings in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Most of these openings will be available in the rural areas of the state. In fact, the state officials are actively recruiting new graduates to fill in the positions.

It is quite easy to become a registered nurse in the state. All one needs to do is to complete a formal training program from any of the technical schools in Idaho. Some of the schools offer a diploma program which is said to be the easiest way to become a registered nurse. However, this program is rarely offered and most employers prefer to hire applicants who have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. One of the best institutions in ID is the Apollo College in Boise. Its physical address is 1200 North Liberty Road. Interested parties are encouraged to call this number: 208-377-8080. Its nursing program aims to prepare the students to partake in the different responsibilities involved in the profession. Another school that is on top of the list is the Idaho State University which is located in 921 South 8th Avenue in Pocatello. It has a 2 year training course in nursing that teaches the students on how to properly administer medications to patients and assist physicians in conducting treatments and therapies. Both of the schools mentioned provide financial assistance to their aspiring registered nurses.