Average Social Worker Salary

The life of a social worker is said to be gratifying because they help improve other people’s lives. There are various kinds of social workers: some specialize in child, family and school issues while others are called medical and public health social workers. The former are those that provide assistance to families and children to help improve their social and psychological functioning. The latter concentrates on the psychosocial being of the people who are suffering from any chronic or terminal disease. There are also social workers that work on treating people who have mental or substance abuse issues. Due to the different areas of specializations, these workers have varying social worker salary as well. As of year May 2008, the mean annual child, family and school social worker salary is $39,530. The bottom-most division has a yearly pay check of $25,870 and the upper-most division gets $66,430. The type of industry that these laborers work in causes a discrepancy in their annual pay too. Those who are assigned in elementary and secondary schools take home an average of $53,860 in a year while the ones hired in the local government make $46,650. Individuals working for the state government earn $39,600 per annum while those employed in individual and family services receive $34,450. The median annual income of a mental health and substance abuse social worker is $37,210 with the bottom-most division making $21,770 and the upper-most division gets $61,430 every year. An outpatient care center social worker salary is $36,660 on average while someone assigned in the residential mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse facilities is paid $33,950 annually. According to the BLS salary survey report, 24 percent of the social workers in the country are members of a union and are tied up to a union agreement.

A medical social worker is someone who assists patients who are experiencing personal and environmental misfortunes. They also help these individuals get maximum health care benefits when needed. Similar to other positions in this industry, a medical social worker salary is affected by common income variables. The mean wage of a medical social worker is $53,000 per annum. Those who are assigned in home care facilities have a yearly pay check of $49,000 while the ones hired in nursing home units get $42,000 on average. To become a licensed social worker, you must obtain a master’s degree in this field. But before you can enroll in an MSW course, you must first complete a bachelor’s degree in any social science program. Based on the information provided by the BLS, the average annual licensed social worker salary is $62,000 a year. A licensed master social worker salary is $72,000 per annum while that of a psychiatric social worker is $56,000. Being a licensed social worker has many advantages. For one, you can work in your own private office or you can get a position in psychiatric hospitals as a therapist. Either way, your salary will surely improve than working as a social worker without any advancement.

The medial social worker salary of medical and public health laborers is $46,650 in a year. The bottom-most division takes home $28,100 in a year while the upper-most division receives $69,090. Wage earners who are working in general medical and surgical hospitals have a mean annual income of $51,470 while those employed in home health care services get $46,930. The average yearly pay of individuals assigned in the local government is $44,140 while that of those in nursing care facilities is $41,080. Social workers who are hired in individual and family services units earn $38,370 per annum. The median annual wage of mental health and substance abuse social workers is $37,210.

Clinical social workers are responsible for direct patient care in outreach activities and services. Some do this by providing individual therapies while others do it in groups, depending on the social needs of the patient. The clinical social worker salary is modified by the work experience, employer type, geographic locality and educational attainment of an individual. The medial annual wage for this job is around $49,991 as of April 2009. Wage earners with less than one year in the industry have a yearly pay check of $29,812 to $40,874. Those who have 20 years of work experience get an average of $46,072 to $68,454 in a year. Self-employed clinical social workers have a medial annual wage of $76,366 while those hired by the federal government make $54,877. Acquiring a master’s degree in this field will improve your annual pay to $41,648 to $64,861 annually. If you have a bachelor’s degree in social work, then your salary range is $30,201 to $44,900 every year. These professionals are privileged to enjoy company benefits as well. The annual bonus for this career ranges from $500 to $1,039, depending on the worker’s experience. Their vacation weeks are determined by the number of years that they have rendered in the industry. Some are granted 1.7 weeks of paid vacation while others get as much as 2.7 weeks. Compare other vocational salaries by state and determine if a career as a social worker is right for you.

A forensic social worker’s main task is to incorporate social work with the country’s legal system. They deal with civil and criminal issues and protect the rights of the defendants. The average forensic social worker salary in the United States is $39,000 as of the year 2010. In order to be part of this industry, you must obtain the required education and training. Employers usually mandate their workers to have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in social work. It’s quite easy to get the education requirements in this field as most colleges and universities provide part time or full time learning schedules. Since the competition in this industry is beginning to get real tight nowadays, you would want to add up extra qualifications in your employment profile. You can do this by pursuing advance studies and social work training. The University of Michigan aims to develop its students’ work skills to help them land a job in either local or international level. Its training program is consisted of 60 credits that focus on social policy, community organization, interpersonal practice and a lot more. Its current location is at 1080 South University Avenue in Ann Arbor with the contact number of 734-764-3309.